Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hacker News stories for 1 AM on Wednesday Mar 14, 2012

0.990 Funding for Entrepreneurs (and We Don’t Mean Venture Capital) comments

0.973 Salvatore on “What are the underlying data structures used for Redis?” comments

0.949 Some things I’ve learned about memory comments

0.945 Typesafe Stack 2.0 released comments

0.936 Tribe in the Amazon uses Internet to fight illegal loggers comments

0.914 The Patent System is so broken, you can get sued for anything comments

0.913 Virtual Machines in Your Browser comments

0.910 How to Build a Speech-Jamming Gun comments

0.900 Virtual reality that doesn’t suck: “it felt like the future” comments

0.892 Online Courses for Programming the GA144 comments

0.889 Some Notes on Clojure Performance comments

0.869 Welcoming Women to Wikipedia comments

0.857 It’s not curation or aggregation, it’s just how the Internet works comments

0.856 After 244 Years, Encyclopaedia Britannica Stops the Presses comments

0.847 Cambridge Researchers Use Legos to Build Artificial Bone in the Lab comments

0.831 Code repositories and version control are gone comments

0.826 Node v0.7.6 released with V8 3.9, Win x64 build, hrtime binding, and more comments

0.814 Startup Sauna’s catch of the season so far - new startups from New Europe comments

0.785 Why Zombie Yahoo must be stopped comments

0.773 SXSW: 5 Great Things About Being Minecraft’s Director Of Fun comments

0.765 Turntable FM signs deal with all 4 major labels comments

0.757 A Patent Lie: How Yahoo Weaponized My Work comments

0.753 Freelancers, partner up comments

0.737 Al Gore, Sean Parker call for Online ‘Occupy Democracy’ Movement comments

0.737 Critical windows bug makes worm-meat of millions of high-value machines comments

0.713 Wal-Mart Tries Hollywood Cloud-Seeding Plan to Sell Films comments

0.698 New study suggests cap-and-trade results in decreased innovation comments

0.696 How Nimblebit broke the rules of free-to-play, and won comments

0.696 The Rule of 72 comments

0.695 Startup Percolator: Free legal documents for startups from Perkins Coie comments

0.691 Insight into Google’s Input/Output machine comments

0.671 We are developers. Not free tech support. comments

0.670 Homeless as Wi-Fi Transmitters Creates a Stir in Austin comments

0.665 What happens when there’s insufficient memory to throw an OutOfMemoryError? comments

0.629 SETT Blogging Platform is live. Uses Free/Paid model. comments

0.628 Every startup should apply to an incubator comments

0.626 Media Studies 2.0 comments

0.626 Can recovery equal failure? comments

0.619 Less Known Solaris Features: RBAC and Privileges (4 parts) comments

0.608 Interview w/ Chris Houser (coauthor of Joy of Clojure) podcast comments

0.583 Universal References in C++11 comments

0.577 Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann’s Lesson for Start-Ups: Go Your Own Way comments

0.577 Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann’s Lesson for Start-Ups: Go Your Own Way comments

0.572 Has Apple’s Enterprise Domination Already Begun? comments

0.561 War-time Software Building comments

0.561 Investors Fund Solutions Rather Than Technology comments

0.550 Git releases RSS feed comments

0.548 The Anorexic Startup: A Tale of Sex, Drugs, and C++ comments

0.544 Occupying Wall Street Legally comments

0.535 Ask before telling comments

0.533 Dollar cost averaging comments

0.533 Java EE wins over Spring comments

0.533 Douglas Hofstadter’s satire on sexist language 1985 comments

0.530 A woman’s opinion on dick jokes at conferences comments

0.528 While Intel is messing around with TV, the PC business is dying comments

0.519 Meet Ben Silbermann, The Brilliant Young Co-Founder Of Pinterest comments

0.515 How Regexes Work comments

0.515 How We Work: Coping with Variability comments

0.513 Attack of the Startup Clones comments

0.505 Rubber Duck Problem Solving comments

0.500 The Zeigarnik Effect comments

0.498 Why There Will Never Be One Social Network to Rule Them All comments

0.492 Making it Virtually Easy to Deploy on Day One (at Etsy) comments

0.492 Robots take a giant leap comments

0.486 Microsoft Develops a Faster Touchscreen With Only One Millisecond of Lag comments

0.486 Rockstar Consortium receives green light from Department of Justice comments

0.478 592-hp McLaren supercar hits 200 mph, proves Moore’s law is alive & well comments

0.477 CMU study analyzes what China deletes comments

0.467 Decision Fatigue comments

0.467 Gephi - The CDDL1/GPL3 Photoshop for graphs comments

0.467 Bootstrap or not? High level pros and cons of using Twitter Bootstrap comments

0.462 Bad Karma: $100K Plug-in Hybrid Dies Before Consumer Reports Can Test It comments

0.461 Common misconceptions about publishing (2010) comments

0.458 Why I Left Google comments

0.451 Encyclopedia Britannica to stop printing books comments

0.451 LinkedIn’s Reid Hoffman Gives Kiva $1 Million To “Empower Everyone” comments

0.450 AT&T Threatens Plaintiff With Termination Of Service Unless He Shuts Up comments

0.449 My Google+ Hangout Speed Painting with Artist Cliff Roth comments

0.447 Active Resource removed from Rails comments

0.445 Walmart Announces Disc To Digital Program To Convert Your Old DVDs comments

0.444 Replacing regexps comments

0.444 The Finite, Irreplaceable Hours of Your Life comments

0.443 WordPress sees 250% increase in imports from Posterous comments

0.436 Encyclopedia Britannica Print Edition Discontinued After 244 Years comments

0.436 5 Lessons in Fear for Female CEOs comments

0.432 3D-nanoprinting speed record set by Vienna University comments

0.431 WordPress: 250% spike in the number of imports from Posterous comments

0.431 Pinterest wants to Pin the blame on you comments

0.430 14 Ways You’ll Blow It When You Sell Your Software Company comments

0.429 New: Apply to Y Combinator without an Idea comments

0.428 Death by Internet? (Tyler Clementi’s suicide) comments

0.427 Web browsing in Windows 8 comments

0.404 Matt Cutts: One of the more fun gadgets I’ve been playing with lately… comments

0.399 Star Wars: It’s A Conspiracy comments

0.398 Early Customer Feedback Can Lead to a Death Spiral comments

0.395 Britannica: An Infographic Profile | Britannica Blog comments

0.393 En Route comments

0.381 Design from the Gut: Dangerous or Differentiator? comments

0.375 Aanstormende extensies: Add-ons voor Firefox comments

0.370 The Post-Steve Jobs Decline of Apple’s Genius Design Theory comments

0.370 Bash as a Service comments

0.364 Bear Grylls Fired from Discovery comments

0.363 Microsoft Java comments

0.357 How Louis CK Can Help You Attract a Ton of Readers comments

0.344 Search FB using the Graph API comments

0.337 Slim - A PHP 5 micro-framework comments

0.333 Cassini spies wave rattling jet stream on Jupiter comments

0.333 Thanks PyCon –OpDemand comments

0.315 TED is thrilled to issue an Open Call to developers… comments

0.314 Crowdsourcing: A more efficient job interview comments

0.305 Tablet computers added to UK inflation basket comments

0.300 Correcting Human Mitochondrial Mutations comments

0.300 Long space missions ‘may damage eyesight’ comments

0.300 Richard O’Dwyer responds after extradition agreed comments

0.300 Six more arrests in hacking probe comments

0.298 Games Where The Only Winning Move Is Not To Play comments

0.293 Unique Identifier Is Dead, Long Live Unique Identifier comments

0.286 While not climax: Insert, remove comments

0.285 Engineering project comments

0.284 NASA worker claims he was fired over intelligent design comments

0.282 What exactly is WebKit? comments

0.271 Application Security and Bug Free Coding - The Infographic comments

0.267 The SXSW Economy: Umbrellas, Tacos, and a $215 6-Pack of Shiner comments

0.259 The dot com bust is officially over - Nasdaq over 3000 comments

0.255 I Hope Yahoo Crushes Facebook comments

0.251 AOL Instant Messenger developer team laid off, reports NYT | The Verge comments

0.246 My plans for Raspberry Pi comments

0.246 CSS3 Interactive Calendar comments

0.232 Transform Your iPhone Into a Microscope: Just Add Water comments

0.229 Tweereal - real-time Twitter activity map comments

0.227 New Tech Could Let You Control Computer with Your Eyes comments

0.222 PayPal backtracks on e-book policy comments

0.220 As Posterous Flies To Twitter, I Remember This Post comments

0.214 PayPal backtracks on “obscene” e-book policy comments

0.211 Code for America’s accepting early fellowship applications comments

0.210 Zynga plans secondary stock offering comments

0.206 For the Love of Physics comments

0.203 Micro-Volunteering as Part of Your Ambient Mobile Platform comments

0.194 A response to the president of the Author’s Guild on e-book pricing comments

0.190 Open Source vs. Free Software comments

0.186 Northern Lights Paint Sky Over Eyjafjallajökull Volcano (gallery) comments

0.185 Under the Hood: Building the Facebook Location API comments

0.183 ‘Pig MRSA’ Came From Humans, Evolved Via Farm Drugs comments

0.175 New Objective-C Literals Unveiled comments

0.171 Everything is a Remix Part 4 comments

0.168 Third-Party Web Tracking: Policy and Technology comments

0.166 Create new accounts on the fly with Texter comments

0.164 New beta version for 4DO, the open source 3DO emulator comments

0.151 Mountain View’s Miselu developing Android-based music device comments

0.140 “It costs about $40,000 a year for a homeless person to be on the streets.” comments

0.136 NASA, General Motors team to build robotic glove for human hands comments

0.130 How Glancee And Highlight Are Fixing Location/Notification Problems comments

0.121 Control Spotify With a Wave Of Your Hand video comments

0.120 Problems with PHP comments

0.118 Matt Cutts & Co Publicly Discussing Search Improvements video comments

0.114 Google Code Jam registrations now open comments

0.111 SXSW: Oprah Network Star Zach Anner Planning New Launch comments

0.111 Millennials Traveling Drive Changes in Hotel Industry comments

0.107 School makes 6th grader give up her Facebook password comments

0.106 Brian Fargo heads up Wastleland 2 kickstarter - raises $200k+ in 7 hours comments

0.106 The problem with Open Source: unfinished Alpha’s comments

0.098 To Boost Windows Azure, Microsoft Launches Company’s First Startup Accelerator comments

0.092 Corporate types are iPad crazy, survey finds comments

0.091 Does Mark Zuckerberg Really Deserve All That Money? comments

0.090 Our UK mobile payment startup wants beta users, signup comments

0.088 Google Loses WIPO Arbitration over comments

0.085 Intel: Optical Thunderbolt cables arriving this year comments

0.082 Ask HN: How did you solve the “developing on multiple machines” problem? comments

0.081 IPad mini “confirmed” by Samsung official comments

0.070 Samsung official claims Apple’s releasing a 7.85-inch iPad comments

0.067 General Assembly: Start Making - Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship comments

0.061 Microsoft warns: Expect exploits for critical Windows worm hole comments

0.061 Microsoft warns: Expect exploits for critical Windows worm hole comments

0.058 Raspberry Pi retailers clarify shipping costs on $35 Linux computer comments

0.055 Google Could Lose Default Search Engine Status on iPhone comments

0.055 Tesco Direct sells iPad 3 for £50, website crashes after online tip-off comments

0.052 Samsung official: Apple to use Samsung displays in smaller iPad comments

0.051 DROIDCAT : security android application collection comments

0.045 16 Linux Server Monitoring Commands You Really Need To Know comments

0.043 MIUI Music Player Now Ported To Work With All ROM’S comments

0.043 Combining mobile and desktop apps in one comments

0.041 rolls out high resolution assets for the new iPad comments

0.041 Show HN: extremr: what’s the loudest, most danceable, most energetic music? comments

0.040 Idealism vs. pragmatism: Mozilla debates supporting H.264 video playback comments

0.039 Ask HN: Is there room for DRM-free movie distribution? comments

0.032 Game on in HTML5, but not so fast comments

0.031 Ask HN: Examples of beautiful mathematics? comments

0.030 Show HN: PHP Fog’s Command Line Interface comments

0.027 A new 3D view of DNA comments

0.026 The ‘Father of Video Games’ Reflects on His 40-Year-Old Invention comments

0.025 Which iPad should you buy on Friday? Your questions answered comments

0.023 Who Stole The Moon? - the interactive book for iPad written in HTML comments

0.021 Ask HN: Why we estimate software products? comments

0.019 LaserTag for iPhone, iPod, Android comments

0.015 Show HN: Fixing the Twitter web UI comments

0.011 Show HN: Instamazing, discover Instagram pictures taken around you in real time comments

0.010 Ask HN: best security aware web hosting? (tired of malware scripts) comments

0.006 Ask HN: Git Website Workflow Question comments

0.004 Ask HN: Google spike of direct traffic comments

0.001 Ask HN: 99designs for conversion rate optimization (CRO)? comments

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