Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hacker News stories for 8 PM on Wednesday Apr 18, 2012

0.996 The online copyright war: the day the Internet hit back at big media comments

0.962 Aussie start-up in $1.5m funding win just two months after launch comments

0.959 No, I Don’t Care What Obama Ate 40 Years Ago, Why Do You Ask? comments

0.958 Node.js and Mongodb Building Blocks for Your Next HTML5 game comments

0.895 Sci-fi author sues Ubisoft over Assassin’s Creed copyright infringement comments

0.889 Silent magician Teller files copyright suit over “stolen” shadow trick comments

0.875 Twitter’s patent pledge not what it seems comments

0.858 Simple In/Out 3.0 Released comments

0.802 Normal Paper Can Become Waterproof With Nanoparticle Doping comments

0.795 Startups Should Not Be Scared of Big Companies comments

0.780 TechStars Speaks Out in Support of Twitter’s Patent Hack comments

0.764 Leaving Investment Banking to Turn Around a Family Nut Business comments

0.761 Reasons to Learn Markdown comments

0.758 Key Reason for Wage Inequality Is Education comments

0.753 Tumblr To Launch Ads Starting May 2 comments

0.753 Electrons doing the splits comments

0.753 Competition to restructure the Stanford Protein Folding Contest comments

0.749 Saving The Day With Scoped CSS comments

0.741 Mysterious ‘dark matter’ even weirder: astronomers comments

0.733 Good Example of a Niche Saas Product: DiveCentreHQ comments

0.728 Partnering up with Apple. Am I doing it wrong? comments

0.723 Note to publishers: Your addiction to DRM is killing you comments

0.723 Corrupting the Youth with Computer Science (2010) comments

0.704 Breast cancer actually 10 separate diseases, study finds comments

0.682 You only use 10 percent of brain - Myth busted comments

0.680 The Windows 8 Enterprise SKU: Windows To Go and new Software Assurance benefits comments

0.675 Daniel’s Hierarchy of Speed: Get 2.1 Weeks of Your Life Back Every Year comments

0.670 Build better bug bounties comments

0.665 UK Enterprise Fund Wants to Invest in Technology comments

0.626 Demo Day St. Louis…Featuring Cobra Commander comments

0.614 Man protests airport security - naked comments

0.611 In which the JavaScript semicolon wars are definitively won comments

0.610 Off with his head comments

0.605 Robot prostitutes will revolutionize sex tourism, report says comments

0.604 Joe Stump and move to Portland comments

0.598 The Difference Between UX and UI comments

0.581 SOA Bits and Ramblings: RESTful resources are not typed comments

0.565 Tuning cars the geek way comments

0.553 How Can Hackers Help In The Fight Against Cancer? comments

0.544 10 illustrated examples of Visual Studio 11 comments

0.541 Do you like Scala? Do you like Riak? Check out this open source project Scaliak comments

0.533 Puppet integration is completed for OpenStack comments

0.533 Mojolicious - it’s fantastic comments

0.524 Why Minimal Web Design Works? Examples and Analysis comments

0.521 Little metaphor I wrote up for the halting problem comments

0.510 How to Generate Keywords - The University of Texas at Austin Libraries comments

0.509 Interview with WeWereMonkeys, directors of “Little Talks” by Of Monsters and Men comments

0.508 Is it too late for OpenStack? comments

0.500 Treehouse is moving to Portland with $4.75 million in their pockets… um branches comments

0.500 How to spread unhappiness in the morning comments

0.499 NY Library moving - still relevant? comments

0.495 The Magnificent Pebble. A Chat with Founder Eric Migicovsky comments

0.494 Free beautiful UI elements for developers comments

0.487 Build APIs comments

0.479 Using Arrays As Materialized Paths In Postgres comments

0.478 Programmer Hiring comments

0.474 Mysterious particle found useful in quantum computing. YAY comments

0.467 Creativity and Intelligence are for Everyone comments

0.467 Founders’ Exchange comments

0.461 End the 501 Developer Debate comments

0.434 CodeDay, Food, And The Lean Startup: How Feed Me Made Money In Its First 8 Hours comments

0.432 13 Year old inventor Richard Turere lands scholarship at Brookhouse School comments

0.431 FTP 40 Years Old Today … comments

0.400 Some stars capture rouge planets comments

0.395 Richard Branson invested in Path comments

0.374 Google throbber using only css comments

0.372 Berners-Lee: Don’t let record labels upset web openness comments

0.366 Boston party bus pub crawl network that brings people together at great venues. comments

0.363 Hacking the Non-Disposable Planet comments

0.344 Scale Something: How Draw Something Rode Its Rocket Ship Of Growth comments

0.332 How to Preserve, Prepare, and Produce Your Digital Legacy comments

0.318 An Interview With Raspberry Pi Founder Eben Upton comments

0.313 Get rid of all those asset lines on your Rails app logs comments

0.310 From Hackers to Slackers: CFAA used to attack online freedom comments

0.295 Singing Goodbye - Karen Leaves Microsoft for Exec comments

0.290 Search on Google: Tilt or Askew comments

0.283 The Lonesome Tale Of An Unsung Computer Genius comments

0.271 Barobo launches the Mobot – a low cost modular robot comments

0.265 Crowd-source the best real-time content from Twitter comments

0.257 At 500,000 users, The Fancy making more money than Pinterest’s 20 million comments

0.246 Snowball Earth All Cracked Up comments

0.246 How A Reddit User’s Post Made Him A Hollywood Screenwriter comments

0.239 HP’s Printer Cartridge Recycling is More Than a Shred Ahead comments

0.236 Google introduces print-to-fedex comments

0.233 First The Listserve Email comments

0.222 Whatever you do, make it fast - or lose comments

0.200 Bravo reality TV show about tech entrepreneurs coming soon comments

0.194 Who’s next on Zynga’s acquisition list? comments

0.189 Discovering The Undiscovered Apps comments

0.175 Episode 1 of AngelCube TV - Pitch Day video comments

0.174 Giftag, a Pinterest clone that went live in 2008 comments

0.166 Android Toshiba Excite 13 Sports Largest Display (13”) comments

0.157 Space Shuttle Discovery’s Final Flight comments

0.149 Apple in Cider: The Essential iPhone 5 Rumors comments

0.130 Dashboard Ads Coming to Tumblr comments

0.125 Why is the US wealthier than Europe? Give credit to its cities. comments

0.123 Fruux Keeps Your Calendars and Contacts In Sync Between All Of Your Devices comments

0.115 Google’s Stock-Split Plan Would Replace Stewardship With Dictatorship comments

0.107 Guilloche video comments

0.101 Facebook Targets May 17th For IPO Date comments

0.089 Trendslide, a mobile BI startup is seeking an iOS or Back-end Developer comments

0.074 Be Either an App or a Platform, Not Both comments

0.067 It’s Not About Instagram — It’s About Mobile comments

0.064 WiiPop - The Video Game Poppers Have Been Waiting For comments

0.064 Research paper saves UCSD scientist from $400 traffic fine comments

0.057 Bootstrap to be compiled now with Recess instead of Less comments

0.045 Audi Buys Ducati for $1.12 Billion, But Why? comments

0.045 Show HN: Fancite - Star Wars comments

0.042 Is there a Social Network For Coders? (GitHub Redux) comments

0.024 Microsoft expands Windows 8 Store to 38 markets for submitting Metro style apps comments

0.022 Ask HN: Leaving My Own Startup, Need Advice comments

0.021 10000 clicks, 2 hours, TCombinator Makes HNs Front Page]( [*comments*](

0.020 Ask HN: An international solution to Kickstarter? comments

0.012 Show HN: Curated videos for HN Community comments

0.006 Show HN: - using structured data in general classifieds comments

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