Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hacker News stories for 7 PM on Wednesday Apr 11, 2012

0.914 2nd Annual Worldwide Stack Overflow Meetup Day – Apr 28 comments

0.820 Coffee in Vietnam: It’s the shit comments

0.792 6 Things to Know About Starting a Business With a Friend | The Daily Muse comments

0.727 U.S. Judge Orders Motorola Not to Enforce Microsoft Injunction in Germany comments

0.711 Waiting for one-off events with Futures (C++) comments

0.696 Be Proud of Your Accomplishments, Not Your Affiliations comments

0.655 So You Want to Open Source Your Code? comments

0.620 Death to MS Word comments

0.598 Back-End Engineers Are the Unsung Heroes of the Tech Industry comments

0.506 Great software talks comments

0.504 Path Clears Toward a Quantum Internet comments

0.501 Meteor: A Recipe for the Perfect Project Launch comments

0.500 False Start’s Failure comments

0.444 Did just hoodwink me? or, they’re just that good. comments

0.384 Why TacoCopter needs to think safety comments

0.357 How BS technology is depicted in television crime dramas comments

0.340 Livehoods: Understanding cities through social media comments

0.297 Meaningless number: 230,000,000 comments

0.237 Federating Personal Clouds comments

0.095 Ever wondered what makes Lady Gaga tick? here’s a list of songs tat inspired her comments

0.071 FBI tracks CabinCr3w via geotagged iPhone photo of bikini clad girlfriend comments

0.056 How to Download Free Songs From Google Play comments

0.055 Linus Torvalds’ Latest C Hacker Challenge on Google Plus comments

0.052 Mario Goes Insane, Engages in Reign of Terror Throughout Mario Land video comments

0.036 Thre new sharing economy pdf comments

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