Monday, April 16, 2012

Hacker News stories for 7 PM on Monday Apr 16, 2012

0.956 Eric Lippert’s dedication to the C# community on Stack Overflow comments

0.937 Two things you can learn reading Albert Einstein’s personal correspondence comments

0.857 The Challenge of Going Vegan comments

0.796 Nikodemus’ Common Lisp FAQ comments

0.773 Rise in Scientific Journal Retractions Prompts Calls for Reform comments

0.761 2-dim vs. 1-dim dictionary efficiency in Python comments

0.759 97%ers fighting back :) comments

0.746 Moneyball & the HR Department comments

0.657 U.S. busts Tor drug market, arrests eight comments

0.637 April Udacity courses are up comments

0.612 Host-proof applications: doing it wrong comments

0.611 Gourment Wagyu Online Steaks comments

0.580 Why should I make a job my primary focus in life? comments

0.565 Mitt Romney’s Tax Plan is Still A Mathematical Failure comments

0.500 Fail Forward comments

0.476 Mission: Explore puts the fun back into checking in comments

0.467 Xkcd: Lakes & Oceans comments

0.467 How to be a Billionaire comments

0.346 1st Chapter of New Sci-Fi Thriller, “Strange Flesh” comments

0.286 Servicio de guardería para niños discapacitados comments

0.255 The Perfect Breathable Dress Shirt comments

0.251 TV Bangladesh - all television Bangladesh Channels available with information comments

0.233 TSA Douche Caught Lifting iPads from Luggage comments

0.222 GitHub and CI Project Workflow comments

0.206 To All the Rejects comments

0.189 NASA clears SpaceX for cargo run to space station comments

0.186 How 17 Equations Changed the World comments

0.140 YC batch s2012, not comments

0.131 New Website comments

0.109 YC S2012 - I have not heard back - anyone else waiting? comments

0.045 Lift your gaze: The art of looking ahead and laying track in reverse comments

0.022 Groupon Acquires Social Recommendation App comments

0.017 Ask HN: So why is it that usernames are always 5 characters or more? comments

0.008 Ask HN: Has anyone who applied late to YC12 received a reply? comments

0.003 show HN send websites and apps from browser to phone comments

0.000 Ask HN: Would a Hacker News type forum work for different interests? comments

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