Monday, April 9, 2012

Hacker News stories for 7 AM on Monday Apr 09, 2012

0.968 Node.JS & npm: reducing the overhead of dependencies comments

0.954 5 Projects for the Future of Computing, from Microsoft’s Jennifer Chayes comments

0.929 How cloud management startup NewVem is cutting its clients AWS bills by 25% comments

0.896 Bin Laden death-detecting analytics service signs partnership with Twitter comments

0.893 The Future of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Is Open comments

0.877 Cython on PyPy is (mostly) functional comments

0.833 Kickstarting the future of gaming comments

0.759 Parallelism and the Limits of (programing) Languages comments

0.691 Raspberry Pi passes CE and FCC regulations comments

0.675 TwiDAQ: The social exchange comments

0.604 Women in Tech Summit - Philadelphia April 21st comments

0.598 Don’t Start With a Prototype for Your MVP comments

0.570 Bottled Water Industry Launches Marketing Battle Against Tap Water comments

0.549 How Ryan Allis went from sleeping in the office to a $169M Sale of iContact comments

0.540 Launched my side project: Grade Spotter comments

0.537 Customer Happiness is the #1 Metric comments

0.533 TSA waste map comments

0.509 Four Word Answer To Any Business Question comments

0.467 #Believe #DontListen comments

0.446 Screencast: JavaScript Objects & Prototypes (paid) comments

0.437 an easy to find fonts comments

0.432 My adventures in CNC robotics comments

0.423 Idea Tab S2109 Tablet unveiled by Lenova comments

0.410 One size fits all, is rarely a perfect fit. comments

0.389 Denying One’s (same-sex) Desires Tied to Homophobia comments

0.384 Internet Freedom Starts at Home comments

0.375 The true story behind the feature you’re building. comments

0.373 Intel’s Z77 Ivy Bridge chipset debuts, but is unready for prime time comments

0.349 Reference Counting Garbage Collection - Java comments

0.316 Google’s startup campus in london comments

0.287 JavaScript Fat City comments

0.244 Apple’s next iPhone to launch in October according to Foxconn exec comments

0.225 Looking for a partner/buyer/idea for rrrewind comments

0.222 The Art of Growing Snowflakes comments

0.217 Quantom Computing One Step Away comments

0.164 What if Everyone Became Frugal? comments

0.155 Google confirms new gTLD bids comments

0.134 Object-Oriented CSS is Crap Long Live Object-Oriented HTML comments

0.127 Icons on the web comments

0.104 Differences between HTML 4 and HTML5 comments

0.090 This is motivation – Joy in the Congo: A musical miracle comments

0.082 Node-Qt: Build native apps using Node.js + Qt (Windows, Mac, Linux) comments

0.059 Test your web pages in an iPad browser emulator. comments

0.031 Show HN: CodeJournals - Intelligent, Searchable Journals comments

0.025 Show HN: Get EC2 prices with a Python module comments

0.025 Experimental HTML5 canvas image editor comments

0.014 All The Cheat Sheets An Up To Date Web Designer Needs: CSS3, HTML5 and jQuery comments

0.011 Show HN: My name is ______ , I love my mom but I’m always too busy to answer :( comments

0.009 Node-Five: Build native apps using Node.js + HTML5 APIs (Windows, Mac, Linux) comments

0.002 Show HN: Founder Notepad (Android app for startup founder) comments

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