Monday, April 2, 2012

Hacker News stories for 7 AM on Monday Apr 02, 2012

0.981 Why I’m Learning Ruby on Rails comments

0.977 Node.js Performance Profiling with Nodetime comments

0.913 Node.js is the new PHP comments

0.882 NASA auctions off patents for $75k; two other sets go unclaimed comments

0.881 MIT has us on our way to pre-programable matter comments

0.880 The Better Place model for EVs comments

0.836 Earn some easy Brownie points with Python, CRON & Pair comments

0.828 Adam Thierer: Why Apple could become the next RIM comments

0.810 Beginning Tips to Picking a Merchant Services Provider comments

0.762 SKA ‘Big Bang’ telescope exabyte-a-day data analysis developed by IBM comments

0.737 Has Scott Adams deleted his blog? comments

0.730 A Universe Of Self-replicating Code comments

0.717 Bayes Language Detection of Twitter w/ Python - Better than Google Chromium? comments

0.712 Future telescope array drives development of exabyte processing comments

0.690 The Monsters are Due On Maple Street comments

0.640 Teach a kid (or yourself) OOP with Games and Java with these video tutorials comments

0.635 Internet-induced fear culture (or: Why Girls Around Me isn’t the problem) comments

0.623 Implementing Caching on your RESTful server comments

0.605 TaskCurrent Is a To-Do App Full of Things You Want to Do comments

0.558 How My Side Project Generated Sales and 66,000 Unique Visitors in 1 Month comments

0.500 All about the adult diapers comments

0.488 Global Payments calls data breach ‘contained to the best of our ability’ comments

0.481 Tumblr and Pinterest Ban Controversial Content comments

0.459 6 issues of iCoder Magazine available for Subscribers of Codersky for free comments

0.432 X-Plane flightsim developer creates emergency auto-land for real aircraft comments

0.429 The Watchmaker comments

0.429 The Inequality Trap comments

0.404 4 Baltimore Startups Named to New Accelerator comments

0.382 Music Upstart Songza Co-Founders On Battling Pandora, Spotify comments

0.374 Would you sell your startup right now if i gave you $600,000? comments

0.324 Pastebin to Hire “Monitors” to Keep the Creeps Off Of It’s Servers comments

0.281 Designer Parts: Inside the Strange, Fascinating World of Vaginoplasty comments

0.271 Groupon revises Q4 results, losses increase 50% comments

0.268 Google’s Big Problem comments

0.254 Gaming Consoles Will Soon Be for Nerds Only comments

0.249 How To Have An Endless Number Of App Ideas comments

0.245 Apps Are Over comments

0.244 Social networking via SMS in Pakistan comments

0.199 Now Live: hosts all your favorite stand up comedy on a single site. comments

0.197 Our weekend hack on GoCardless - HipBucket comments

0.121 Why Google Will Abandon Android comments

0.113 9 facets of an awesome command-line app comments

0.108 Secret History of OpenStack, the Free Cloud Software That’s Changing Everything comments

0.057 Ask HN: My post just did 10 points in 30 minutes and was nuked. Why? comments

0.053 Neil DeGrasse Tyson Made James Cameron Update the Stars in Titanic 3D comments

0.015 Consumer Reports: Now We Love the iPad comments

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