Friday, April 13, 2012

Hacker News stories for 6 PM on Friday Apr 13, 2012

0.979 I told my 2nd year CS students to create a programming language comments

0.974 Say ‘hello’ to CISPA, it will remind you of SOPA comments

0.953 BitTorrent Inventor Bram Cohen On BitTorrent’s Future comments

0.950 Netflix never used its $1 million algorithm due to engineering costs comments

0.941 Student Bay File-Sharing ‘Admin’ Walks Free comments

0.938 Valve: How I Got Here, What It’s Like, and What I’m Doing comments

0.884 Introspect Python logging with logging_tree comments

0.811 Why Every Education Company Needs an API comments

0.786 In Silicon Valley, designers emerge as rock stars comments

0.771 Depression and Programming comments

0.763 An introduction to the JavaScript Module Pattern comments

0.739 “You can’t help but feel embarrassed for Oracle” on copyright claims comments

0.737 How to Learn Scheme comments

0.714 How LinkedIn Could Be Hugely Undervalued comments

0.713 The rise of atheism in America comments

0.689 Apple’s new patent copies Illumination… Kinda. Poorly. In theory. comments

0.672 Saying “No” has big gains. comments

0.671 Valve reveals mystery hardware project: wearable computing comments

0.618 CISPA Authors Launch Twitter Account To Preach False Merits Of The Bill comments

0.587 Solving co-founder search based on skills matching comments

0.566 Recapp Launches to Keep You Up to Date On Sports comments

0.529 New Draft Of CISPA Announced: Some Progress, Still Big Problems comments

0.472 Diablo 3 Given Official Release Date comments

0.463 100,000 Lines of Assembly Language comments

0.459 Microsoft wants your feedback for Windows 8 in new Windows Feedback program comments

0.451 When is quitting a good idea? comments

0.437 Free to enter Uk competitions comments

0.432 Gaussian prime spirals (with pictures) comments

0.427 ‘Tetris’-Loving iPad Owners Just Got EA’d Hard comments

0.425 Netflix to Open Source Army of Cloud Monkeys comments

0.417 ThoughtLeadr announces partnership with Imgur comments

0.407 The case for self-doubt comments

0.375 Don’t Fear the Press comments

0.370 SnapTerms: Terms Of Service As A Service comments

0.361 I love to code comments

0.337 Social Design Strategy from Facebook’s Social Design Evangelist comments

0.322 A Russian City Always on the Watch Against Being Sucked Into the Earth comments

0.309 This Week in Security and Performance comments

0.300 If I were Steve Ballmer… comments

0.299 Into the Mosh Pit: A Mobile Shell Replacement for SSH comments

0.285 Google’s Political Site ‘Take Action’ To Host First Hangout comments

0.215 Bezos Talks Innovation In The Publishing Space comments

0.192 Parenting: the world’s biggest crisis comments

0.189 Iceland forgives mortgage debt of its population comments

0.178 Massive hidden pool in San Francisco comments

0.160 Republic Wireless starts new beta waves next week comments

0.160 Will The Need For Tech Talent Become Obsolete? comments

0.139 Apple facing legal pressure over deceptive free-to-play apps comments

0.134 Paul Graham On Founder Power, The Rise Of NY comments

0.120 Assange TV show to be aired next week comments

0.103 Former FDIC Chair: Fix income inequality with $10 million loans for everyone comments

0.094 Instarchive – export and download your Instagram profile comments

0.059 Jobs for junior hackers in Jacksonville, FL comments

0.049 Heineken Needs Help Designing a Greener Six Pack comments

0.018 YC app received confirmation? comments

0.009 How an Android app could transmit your personal data without any permissions comments

0.008 Why Can’t Zach Phillips Use His Phone Number on comments

0.006 How will serve retina images to new iPads comments

0.001 Sabpab - new backdoor trojan hits Mac OS X users comments

0.000 Instagram adds 10M users in 10 days, Facebook buys Tagtile + Google on mobile comments

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