Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hacker News stories for 6 AM on Wednesday Apr 11, 2012

0.883 TSA Security Theater Described In One Simple Infographic comments

0.817 Notch to fight illegal Minecraft distributor in Quake comments

0.807 JQuery urges Microsoft to break touchscreen patent deadlock comments

0.773 Meet Achoo, the company that wants to make bragging socially acceptable comments

0.630 Study Shows How Profoundly Exercise Affects Learning comments

0.526 Finite Field Arithmetic and Reed-Solomon Coding comments

0.507 Flame.js: UI Widgets for Ember.js comments

0.467 Modest dresses comments

0.467 Modest swimwear comments

0.456 8.6 earthquake off Indonesia comments

0.434 Personal finance made simple, cashflow projections & other goodies - CashBase comments

0.392 New Samsung Sensor Captures Both Light And Depth Data comments

0.359 Wavii distills information overload into plot points comments

0.300 Dotcom arrest and extradition costs racking up comments

0.287 Is Your State Prepared for Climate Change? comments

0.250 Citrix Acquires Cloud-Based Social Business Collaboration Platform Podio comments

0.246 Hack Attacks Warning On Medical Implants comments

0.246 NEC’s ultra-thin organic battery compatible with IC cards comments

0.196 Microsoft Office now available on Symbian comments

0.192 File extensions are ridiculous comments

0.192 Creating the illusion of a static flow of water using sound comments

0.135 Podio is now part of Citrix comments

0.121 Left-right arrow key on basecamp comments

0.078 Iceland to export renewable energy as data storage space comments

0.068 How Instagram founder Kevin Systrom became insta-rich comments

0.053 Browser Clipboard Chrome Extension comments

0.046 Who makes the little promo videos that startups typically have? comments

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