Friday, April 20, 2012

Hacker News stories for 6 AM on Friday Apr 20, 2012

0.992 Hollywood Still Trying To Kill The Golden Netflix Goose comments

0.901 Workers did not exceed authorization when data stolen, says appeals court comments

0.885 How Big Data Is Changing Astronomy (Again) comments

0.884 SV Wages Antitrust Case Going To Court comments

0.879 Clojure 1.4 Released comments

0.859 Code blocks in Python comments

0.792 Reasons Not to Eat Chicken comments

0.749 Amazon: Era Of Data Centers Ending comments

0.746 Tracking Small Coding Decisions comments

0.741 Tricks with the floating-point format comments

0.724 Test your Ars IQ: Announcing the Ars Quiz Challenge (beta) comments

0.722 4 Months of ebook Sales comments

0.631 Adwords Kills Low-Margin Ideas comments

0.615 Pacman running on DCPU-16 comments

0.560 14 Years Later: Visual Basic 6 support in Windows 8 comments

0.525 Six degrees of aggregation: How The Huffington Post ate the Internet comments

0.502 AngularJS — Superheroic JavaScript MVC Framework comments

0.467 ว่ากันด้วยเรื่องของเเบรนด์-การตลาดเเนวใหม่ comments

0.466 How to decide on a job offer? comments

0.453 Cisco Networking Academy NetRiders competitions comments

0.437 Retina.js | Retina graphics for your website comments

0.434 Towards a unified theory of starting up comments

0.429 Wordpress Stats Infographic comments

0.383 Youtube loses against Germany’s GEMA in Court comments

0.370 Another Simple URL Shortener: KJX.ME comments

0.363 Beer and Pizza with Facebook: Learning Their Secrets… comments

0.286 Empathy Is Key comments

0.224 has been retired comments

0.217 FY 12 Second Quarter Results Conference Call comments

0.203 Did Mitt Romney Live In His Son’s Unfinished Basement Last Year? comments

0.175 Vietnam seeks help with mystery disease: 19 dead comments

0.171 Tim Berners-Lee: we don’t need arbitrary new TLDs comments

0.168 Everyone can play Diablo III this weekend comments

0.154 Elements of Purple in Website Layout Graphics comments

0.135 Samsung Galaxy S III revealed on video, with a twist comments

0.085 Live flight tracking site shows crash of circling plane comments

0.083 MIT Professor develops liquid metal battery for the grid (15 min TED video) comments

0.073 Why Windows Tablet will Beat iPad in the Enterprise comments

0.059 Siasto (YC W11) Draws Nearer To The Holy Grail Of Project Management Software comments

0.046 GSMA Mobile Asia Expo coming soon comments

0.043 Building a Sensor Network of Mobile Phones pdf comments

0.011 Google Drive to debut next week with free 5 GB storage and mobile Apps comments

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