Friday, April 13, 2012

Hacker News stories for 6 AM on Friday Apr 13, 2012

0.905 Putting your startup idea through the wringer comments

0.904 Massive Performance Gain (45:1) From Escape Analysis In Java Explained comments

0.881 Course Hero Curates YouTube Into Free Business and Coding Classes comments

0.877 Summary: How to choose your startup idea comments

0.828 How to Avoid a Mental Breakdown From Working At Home comments

0.817 On the making of a girl nerd comments

0.810 German Court Upholds Ban On Push Email In Apple’s iCloud, MobileMe comments

0.764 Engineered stem cells seek out and kill HIV in living mice comments

0.749 How to run a hack day comments

0.746 Sparks Fly Over Shoestring Test Of ‘Holographic Principle’ comments

0.743 This could be the future of the personalized web comments

0.714 The stand-up comic who cannot speak comments

0.656 Men Wanted for Hazardous Journey (2012) comments

0.651 NASAs Viking robots found life on Mars 36 years ago]( [*comments*](

0.639 Html tutorial with css style sheet with codes comments

0.639 Former Magento CTO/Co-Founder: eBay Doesn’t Understand The Meaning Of Open comments

0.631 Fairfax County Considers Virtual High-School comments

0.625 Meteor meets NoGPL comments

0.618 The Big Glossary of Open Source JavaScript and Web Frameworks with Cool Names comments

0.603 If you’re a copy editor, don’t read this comments

0.551 Gaddafi’s son to be tried on home soil, ICC counsel calls for formal complaint comments

0.501 Don’t tell me how to enable JavaScript comments

0.500 Fussballwetten comments

0.500 Java IAQ comments

0.486 Who is using UML in development comments

0.482 Demonstrating responsive design to clients. comments

0.467 Participate comments

0.467 Dollar Shave Club comments

0.467 Promosyon comments

0.467 Controversy Erupts Over Microsoft’s Recent Takedown Of A Zeus Botnet comments

0.465 Alfred Custom Theme Competition comments

0.444 How Students Really Get in to Elite Colleges comments

0.424 PhpMyAdmin 3.5.0 is released comments

0.420 Scientists proof Ballmer Peak - moderate drinking helps creativity comments

0.415 OLED Association outs Galaxy S III screen: 4.6-inch Super AMOLED+ comments

0.411 AppCrafting Design Vs Development comments

0.400 Data Streaming Basics in Brewery comments

0.388 A Stupid jQuery table sorter comments

0.370 Reverse The Web - A Speed Project that got out of hand fffffat comments

0.363 Goldman Sachs torched by regulators over staff monitoring tech comments

0.363 Supposed Samsung Galaxy S III image surfaces comments

0.357 Expert witness says most popular Hotfile downloads are open source apps comments

0.333 How Mailinator compresses email by 90% comments

0.333 Usb comments

0.328 Greece Eyes CERN, ESA Cuts to Plug Budget Gap comments

0.323 Announcing jQuery Mobile 1.1.0 comments

0.316 Speed Up Web Page Loading By Deferring Javascript comments

0.307 US military developing multi-focus augmented reality contact lenses comments

0.300 Instagram for non-believers comments

0.294 The Real Cost of Used Games comments

0.280 Microsoft: Apple UI sucks, Metro UI is philosophy comments

0.276 ‘We Read Best on Paper’: Cultural Resistance Hobbles German E-Book Market comments

0.267 Creating Old Stamp on Coreldraw comments

0.247 SolarBeat: turning the solar system into a musical instrument comments

0.240 Apple Loses Bid to Restore iCloud Push Email in Germany comments

0.224 Code is beautiful. Craftsmen wanted. | comments

0.179 Show HN: Autowrap C functions at runtime for the Python/C API comments

0.178 China has better hackers than us comments

0.148 Anonymous Hacks Colombian Government Site comments

0.128 Top 5 Best Windows Phone 7 Smart Phones comments

0.125 The contact lens that sees double comments

0.119 OSMeta - Amit Singh’s (OS X Internals, ex-Google) startup comments

0.115 Gaikai: Gaming in the cloud comments

0.113 Inside Germany’s fixed price book system comments

0.093 Next Google Page Rank Update 2012 Expected Dates comments

0.086 A new, easier approach to documenting SQL Server databases comments

0.071 Google Plus One Button Faster By 20 Percent comments

0.050 Show HN: An iMessage Scheme REPL. scheme at comments

0.040 Addresses on Facebook comments

0.021 Hacker News objects to our questions. comments

0.018 Show HN: comments

0.015 Facebook Starts Merging Timeline URLs and Email Addresses comments

0.010 Video For Everybody - HTML5 with Flash fallback comments

0.002 I’m graduating soon. Please share/buy my app to help bootstrap my startup. comments

0.000 Introducing WordOut. No nonsense iPhone app for posting to Facebook/Twitter comments

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