Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hacker News stories for 4 PM on Thursday Apr 12, 2012

0.963 Lack of fundamentals in web programming education comments

0.961 How Palantir catches bank fraud with big data comments

0.893 Fifteen Minutes and Four Hundred Trees comments

0.892 What is Big Data? More importantly, what is Big Data not? comments

0.854 Nginx 1.0.15 stable is released comments

0.848 A Visual Explanation of CISPA comments

0.829 The Joy of Code – Why (and how) you should learn to code comments

0.815 Identify and avoid falling into an interrupt-driven time management work model comments

0.802 Jags Ramnarayan on In-Memory Data Grids comments

0.687 NASA sent two Nexus S phones to the ISS for SPHERES to test sensors in orbit comments

0.675 Mentions to coups on Twitter comments

0.653 How to resign: by code comments

0.646 Testing Percona XtraDB Cluster with Vagrant comments

0.622 Javascript databases may not scale :( comments

0.533 Gathering for Gardner a conference for recreational mathematicians comments

0.528 WordPress and the Top 100 comments

0.467 Crowdsourcing Freecell comments

0.467 Recursion comments

0.450 Promotional Memo Book Archive comments

0.450 The Facebook-Instagram deal went down in 48 hours comments

0.430 Why “www.”? comments

0.419 Why app developers should care about SSL pinning comments

0.396 Will the Singularity be Launched in Russia? comments

0.393 Minecraft on DCPU-16 comments

0.333 The Funder Games - Hackademia comments

0.333 Google Glasses - Your Portable Alzheimer’s Cure comments

0.324 No emotions makes recognition & decision-making difficult comments

0.322 Minimum Viable Personality comments

0.315 EyeWire: You can help map the connections in the brain for neuroscience research comments

0.290 Darpa Selects Boston Dynamics’ Humanoid for Robotics Challenge comments

0.287 Wikipedia traffic thrives on news events comments

0.286 How to Hit Bee Hives With Pine Cones comments

0.237 I Ain’t Afraid of No Downtime: Scaling Continuous Deployment comments

0.209 Google Biz Chief: Over 10M Websites Now Using Google Analytics comments

0.207 Call for Comments: Strongly Typed Notifications for MonoTouch comments

0.201 Apple green-lighted to intervene in Lodsys lawsuit against iOS developers comments

0.158 Twitter informs Fame they are violating TOS comments

0.135 The Blurrification Of Germany: Another Google Street View Accidental Art Project comments

0.134 Kulisha - Read And Interact With Your Twitter And Facebook Streams comments

0.131 Is Linux Tycoon The Geekiest Game Ever? comments

0.058 Need iOS advice in the Bay Area comments

0.049 CIA’s Secret Fear: High-Tech Border Checks Will Blow Spies’ Cover comments

0.040 Show HN: Pulsefeed builds a stream from your Facebook, Twitter & RSS feeds comments

0.021 7 Firebase Apps Videos comments

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