Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hacker News stories for 4 PM on Sunday Apr 15, 2012

0.978 The future of media = many small pieces, loosely joined comments

0.965 An Analysis of Perversely Awful Randomized Sorting Algorithms comments

0.947 Government trying to deny Megaupload fair legal representation comments

0.943 Shit people say to entrepreneurs comments

0.941 Reasons Not to Use Hadoop for Analytics comments

0.933 It’s Hard, and I’m Just Not Passionate About It. comments

0.925 Pirate Game (mathematical theorem) comments

0.924 The Three Cancers in the Ruby Community comments

0.922 Using Redis Pub/Sub and IRC for Error Logging with Python comments

0.920 Create a simple in-app feedback channel backed by Flurry Analytics comments

0.915 Learn Backbone.js: Video Tutorial Series comments

0.906 Peter Thiel’s CS183: Startup - Class 4 Notes Essay comments

0.901 Entrepreneurs: It’s not about the money comments

0.897 Legend of Grimrock. Development costs redovered in just three days of sales comments

0.894 Backbone.js Patterns comments

0.880 Java and Clojure solutions for Code Jam #1 - Imperative vs Functional comments

0.875 Should the U.S. legalize hard drugs? comments

0.872 Lefties Aren’t Special After All comments

0.869 Why one in five U.S. adults don’t use the Internet comments

0.857 Nested models/collections and storage with Backbone.js and Backbone.LocalStorage comments

0.857 Ayende re: Kiip’s MongoDB’s experience comments

0.855 Despite the blockade of Pirate Bay, the Netherlands gives access to torrents comments

0.846 What’s the row of numbers on the copyright page of books? comments

0.842 Reed Hastings: Comcast no longer following net neutrality principles comments

0.841 An introduction to blogging with jekyll comments

0.826 The Debtwatch Manifesto comments

0.822 People problems in startups comments

0.820 Ben Horowitz: Hip Hop Lessons for Entrepreneurs at Harvard comments

0.818 Getting Things Done for Developers comments

0.817 Venture Capital & Buyout funds (30-year performance numbers) comments

0.816 Amazon is building a social graph under the radar comments

0.794 How do you count cardinality of very large datasets efficiently in Python? comments

0.793 Understanding metaclasses (Python) comments

0.785 Why startups are totally worth your time comments

0.771 Metagamification in marketing: just an integration thing? comments

0.770 Adam Savage on how simple ideas lead to scientific discoveries comments

0.762 Secret Computer Code Threatens Science comments

0.760 45+ Free WordPress Themes for 2012 comments

0.754 Steve Blank Teaches Entrepreneurs How To Fail Less comments

0.746 Coding for the rest of us: why you should learn and how to get started comments

0.727 Why Generation Y is Causing the Great Migration of the 21st Century comments

0.716 Blogger Outraged by ‘Silicon Valley’ Apparently Wanted a Reality Show of Her Own comments

0.714 ErLLVM: High-Performance Erlang For LLVM comments

0.702 Which Browsers are the Fastest? Real User Performance Data comments

0.700 Numerical Analysis: Fortran, Matlab, R, NumPy a side-by-side reference sheet comments

0.699 Unicast flooding due to asymmetric routing comments

0.673 Love: the most important thing about startup founder matching comments

0.673 Linear Algebra course (MIT) comments

0.667 Panties for Sale comments

0.667 Iraq Emerges From Isolation as Telecommunications Hub comments

0.651 Standard Browser Keyboard Shortcuts comments

0.646 Reminder: Why Semicolons are Not Important comments

0.635 Prolog1:- facts, rules, queries comments

0.631 No I won’t sign your NDA, here’s why. comments

0.631 Digtally remastering Jaws comments

0.630 Disruptions: Innovations Like Instagram Are Tough, esp. Midstream comments

0.625 Web, the people comments

0.625 Itsy Forth: Implementing the Primitives - a Subset of Forth in under 900 bytes comments

0.623 Cybercriminals the main threats in March, fake LinkedIn invitations and offers comments

0.616 What is Lisp syntax, really, and the use-mention distinction comments

0.600 Polarized X-ray scattering technique reveals structure of printable electronics comments

0.588 3-D RNA modeling opens scientific doors comments

0.566 Sony turnaround plan is more of the same comments

0.559 Writing testable Code comments

0.549 Should You Choose a Domain Name For Users or Search Engines? comments

0.546 Toolstrapping is everywhere - can you see it? comments

0.538 Artificial Data Gravity comments

0.533 Entrevista a dixson waz el concon de la alegria 1ra parte comments

0.525 ParrotStore: connecting Parrot to storage, caches, and databases. comments

0.521 Jamie Varon: How to Succeed by Breaking All of the Personal Branding Rules comments

0.514 Technology in America comments

0.506 Herb Sutter: (Not Your Father’s) C++ comments

0.504 On Web Sanity — My best practices for distracting websites. comments

0.502 New Shares Class Gives Google Founders tighter control comments

0.500 Idempotence Is Not a Medical Condition comments

0.498 Ten-year-old wins first place at a university-level robotics competition comments

0.491 Language popularity in Code Jam 2012 comments

0.484 Amazon Low Prices Disguise a High Cost comments

0.473 LinkedIn leak points to Xbox Live “monetization” changes for holiday season comments

0.469 Social CMS built on web2py and Bootstrap and is Open Source comments

0.467 “The infernal semicolon” by Brendan Eich comments

0.467 Tabulation Hashing and Independence comments

0.467 “THE MACHINE-TOOLED HAPPYLAND” by Ray Bradbury 1965 comments

0.467 The playground comments

0.467 Reclaiming your commute comments

0.467 Ice comments

0.457 Tools to unit test your JavaScript comments

0.457 Ten Years of Farbrausch Productions on GitHub comments

0.449 Implementing a wrap-around world comments

0.444 Moppi release Demopaja source code comments

0.437 Hands on with Galaxy Player 3.6, Samsung’s answer to the iPod Touch comments

0.432 What Microsoft MVP means to me comments

0.430 How consistent is eventual consistency? comments

0.429 Don’t trust yourself. Visualise. comments

0.427 MySQL 5.6 Replication - Enabling the Next Generation of Web & Cloud Services comments

0.423 SSH Tunneling: We don’t need no stinking VPN software comments

0.418 Invariante de bucle (loop invariant) comments

0.418 The ‘Soviet Alan Turing’ and MESM comments

0.416 Ice Cream Sandwich Now Rolling Out To Xperia Arc S,Neo V and Ray Smartphones comments

0.416 UK Government Takes on Tractor Trailer Emissions comments

0.409 Google Glass Battlefield comments

0.407 World3, the public beta comments

0.407 Xero’s Scheduled Maintenance Page (Until 7pm GMT) comments

0.400 Meteor JavaScript framework blurs the line between client and server comments

0.395 Dogpile is the #1 result for “search engine” on Google comments

0.388 Saving the Next 10,000 comments

0.388 We’re sorry, but Wufoo is not for your country or region. comments

0.387 How tiny Estonia stepped out of USSR’s shadow to become an Internet titan comments

0.385 Email is not broken, we are. comments

0.380 Why build orbital space colonies? comments

0.375 Yammer acquires Scotland’s OneDrum comments

0.369 Why are game designers so scared of ‘persistence’ in games? comments

0.359 Population growth isn’t really our problem comments

0.337 Draw a line in the sand comments

0.334 Signing First Makes Ethics Salient & Decreases Dishonest Self-Reports comments

0.333 Speed Reading Techniques comments

0.327 Israel, you’ve got mojo, but where’s your Instagram? comments

0.326 unofficial api comments

0.323 Die WYSIWYG Die. Let’s Focus on Content Instead comments

0.321 State of Technology last week #54 comments

0.320 Cup of Joe: How I Make Email Better comments

0.318 Continuous Information - The Jenkins Community Newsletter comments

0.312 Why you need more sleep comments

0.311 Amazon’s E-Book Pricing a Constant Thorn for Publishers comments

0.309 Nanoparticles home in on brain tumors, boost accuracy of surgical removal comments

0.300 Emperor penguins counted from space comments

0.276 Real Madrid vs Bayern Munich Live Stream 2012 comments

0.272 Blazing-Fast Application Switching in Linux using Run-or-Raise comments

0.268 Oakland’s BrightSource solar cancels IPO at 11th hour comments

0.265 The Fletcher Project: How Alan Kay changed my mind comments

0.260 Estonian robots boost global online clothing market comments

0.258 Chino & Nacho Ft. Jay Sean & J Alvarez – Bebe Bonita (Official Remix) comments

0.250 Contactless (credit) cards insecure comments

0.250 FlyWhim: Travel to a random destination for cheap comments

0.247 Stop Looking For A Technical Co-founder comments

0.244 Hedge Fund Manager Eviscerates Google’s New Stock Plan comments

0.242 Rooted Kindle Fire screenshot tour comments

0.238 Episode 0.7.9 - Adhearsion, telephony, and XMPP with Ben Klang and Ben Langfeld comments

0.237 Http:// comments

0.235 Target: Dart’s easy, simple and fast web server. comments

0.232 A billion reasons to beware of the latest dotcom bubble comments

0.226 Weekend Ar(t)s: The time is now for revisiting Freaks and Geeks comments

0.215 Facebook acquires TagTile comments

0.215 Original Combinatorics Puzzle: Pattern Lock - No. of Passwords comments

0.213 Free Android Word Game: Word Mastermind comments

0.207 TSA baggage inspector accused of stealing iPads from luggage in Dallas comments

0.204 San Francisco startup makes data science a sport comments

0.203 A plain wrong advice: Do What You Love comments

0.197 Lean UX in an agency world comments

0.192 Why Facebook Terrifies Google comments

0.188 How my little hacker dream get started comments

0.187 Five OS X security threats that fizzled comments

0.187 Chapter 1 of the horror story “The Fire Road” comments

0.185 Waiting to exhale - the art of free diving comments

0.183 Edit Source : Add-ons for Firefox comments

0.179 Social Media - FaceBook is killing us comments

0.179 Apple’s Genius Bar Replacing White iPhone 4 Models With Refurbished 4S Models? comments

0.175 Bring chat AlwaysOnTop comments

0.172 OkCupid Hack: Now, Hide All The Fat People comments

0.169 Steve Jobs movie starring Ashton Kutcher to cover Apple from 1971 to 2000 comments

0.163 Pidgin on the iPhone - “impossible” comments

0.161 - Would You Join the “Facebook of Medicine”? comments

0.152 Whats the new Tech Crunch? comments

0.141 I am SEO and so can you: tool helps tweak content for search, Twitter comments

0.140 A perfect Mac Macbook web-dev setup comments

0.138 BootMed Plus 1.0 Released - Download for free for a limited time. comments

0.132 Fixing the Book Market, Pay What You Want for Chpt 1 of Brad Feld’s New ebook comments

0.129 The need for an embedded array expression compiler for NumPy comments

0.122 An Open Letter To Those Not Employed At Instagram comments

0.106 Why my gmail inbox stays at maximum 10 comments

0.105 Call Daily, Absolutely Free to both mobile and landline phones around the world comments

0.105 GoSpeccy - ZX Spectrum emulator on OpenPandora ARM, written in Go comments

0.095 IOS & Android analytics comments

0.094 G-ONE | DE QUE ME VALE | OFFICIAL VIDEO | comments

0.083 Dating instructor Nick Hoss reveals “Reading List” of dating techniques comments

0.081 How Social Currency Is Driving Identity, Trust, New Industries comments

0.079 How former Microsoft tech chief Nathan Myhrvold could have created the iPhone comments

0.071 Web freedom faces greatest threat ever, warns Google’s Sergey Brin comments

0.065 Sounds of PI comments

0.064 Solutions for Next Generation Search Devices - Prof. Franz Guenthner comments

0.061 Async, embeddable HN share button comments

0.032 Show HN: Working on my wife’s idea comments

0.027 Chinese Kid Sells His Kidney for an iPad and iPhone, Suffers Renal Failure comments

0.022 Orange UK Storing and Transmitting Passwords in the clear? comments

0.020 Show HN: Simple Email Obfuscation JS-powered with CSS fallback comments

0.018 Google Chrome 20 Download comments

0.015 Ask HN: email what is the solution? comments

0.015 Show HN: Share your To-Do’s with your followers. comments

0.015 Unemployed game designer creates mind-blowing solar system explorer app comments

0.015 Warn HN: USPS changed their tracking URL comments

0.013 Ask HN: Support network using IRC backend comments

0.013 Show HN:, Coachella photos via InstaGram’s Real-time API comments

0.013 Show HN: libaudiodecoder - The Cross-Platform Audio Decoder API comments

0.010 Ask HN: I’m new to NYC and would like to meet django hackers :) comments

0.009 Ask HN: Possible to re-compress JPEG on the client before upload? comments

0.005 Remind HN: Good Luck With YC Application Results Tomorrow comments

0.003 Instant share button for Hacker News comments

0.002 Ask HN: What justify this 149bytes difference? text editor related comments

0.001 Instagram CEO: Building iPhone App is Like Cooking Gourmet Dinner comments

0.000 Show HN: Weekend project. Adding Google+ support to the Instagram Android App comments

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