Monday, April 9, 2012

Hacker News stories for 4 AM on Monday Apr 09, 2012

0.983 Tell Obama to Promise SOPA 2.0 Never Gets Written comments

0.924 A Beginner’s Guide to Overclocking Your Intel Processor comments

0.853 Who Should Control the Internet? A Vanity Fair Feature comments

0.696 Why I prefer scheme to Haskell comments

0.695 Top five regrets of the dying comments

0.687 Forget S’pore, Chibi founder finds Cambodia a great launchpad for Asia comments

0.646 My Easter Sunday project: Wikipedia Live Search comments

0.641 Comparing the Security and Privacy of Browser Syncing comments

0.571 Hollywood DP finally said it: “Film is over” comments

0.491 The best way of hiring car transporters comments

0.473 MySQL Conference: Scripting MySQL with Lua inside Nginx comments

0.467 Gatherers of wild honey comments

0.467 Once again about IP-addresses, subnet masks and more comments

0.449 Get your coder stats comments

0.417 Using dynamic in the real world with IronPython comments

0.378 How We Use In-Game Purchases To Teach Our Son Personal Responsibility comments

0.363 An Emacs conference comments

0.281 This explains why technical books are all ridiculously thick and overpriced comments

0.245 Born at Unix Time: Get Your Birthday Shirt comments

0.224 Google not messing around taking on Facebook comments

0.178 Cómo atraer tráfico cualificado a tu web o blog - Video marketing comments

0.136 Mozilla demos BrowserID-authenticated video call in Firefox with WebRTC support comments

0.055 Show HN: Jekyll/Pelican/etc for code snippets comments

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