Friday, April 20, 2012

Hacker News stories for 3 PM on Friday Apr 20, 2012

0.976 Megaupload Trial May Never Happen, Judge Says comments

0.959 Megaupload Trial May Never Happen, Judge Says comments

0.942 Getting to Node.JS Nirvana comments

0.926 Getting to Node.js Nirvana: Fast Paced and Code Based comments

0.903 Khan Academy Partners Up With 23andMe To Make Learning About Genetics Fun comments

0.897 Building a computer with discrete transistors comments

0.864 Another Error By US Officials May Kill Megaupload Prosecution comments

0.803 Test I/O performance by timing the writing of 100Mb to disk comments

0.753 Privacy experts warn that new car black box bill doesn’t go far enough comments

0.752 Google Shuts Down Patent Search Homepage, Picasa for Linux & More comments

0.744 ‘Huge’ water resource exists under Africa comments

0.741 Capitalism in European soccer compared to American sports comments

0.667 My rant: Information is a big deal comments

0.667 Spring-cleaning … in spring comments

0.666 How Americans Lost Trust in Our Greatest Institutions comments

0.637 A steampunk morse code Twitter client comments

0.594 Live wallpaper made with genetic algorithms comments

0.533 Really Using Redis to Build Fast Real Time Web Apps comments

0.533 The Rise of the Killer Drones comments

0.518 Zenny’s Cloud Links #53 - Navigating the Cloud, Splunk IPO, AWS Cloud comments

0.500 Curious case of Creativity comments

0.479 Rebuilding the Credit Crisis with Online Ads (and it’s gross) comments

0.467 Roll Me Up comments

0.467 5th Ave Frogger comments

0.454 Infographic: The Most Popular Startup Developer Tools comments

0.432 IsAnyoneUp’s Hunter Moore: ‘The net’s most hated man’ comments

0.395 Fez soundtrack contains hidden data comments

0.382 Why did ollaa go for iOS 5.0 comments

0.297 Internet access on reservations comments

0.291 Why did Google shutdown Social Graph API comments

0.265 Windows 8 Promisses: JavaScript APIs comments

0.232 Can The Phone Be Reinvented? comments

0.212 Livegrep: Live searching the Linux kernel source code comments

0.202 Groupon Sliding comments

0.187 Relentlessly resourceful - to a whole new level comments

0.179 Usablenet is the Biggest Mobile Company You’ve Probably Never Heard Of comments

0.176 Proof-of-concept Android Trojan uses motion sensor to determine tapped keys comments

0.156 Play Diablo III for free, this weekend only comments

0.142 Did Humans Invent Music? comments

0.099 Pinterests hype bubble has burst comments

0.081 Cloudflare’s Instaflare is an Instagram for all the images on your website comments

0.073 Inside view on ads review comments

0.062 What Google Images would have looked like in the 80s comments

0.059 Apple adopts gimmickry — in new iPhone 4S ads comments

0.010 Facebook wants Google/Apple to fix their browsers + next-gen iPhone = Terminator comments

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