Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hacker News stories for 2 PM on Tuesday Apr 10, 2012

0.988 Open source mobile analytics project using node.js and mongodb comments

0.965 Nodetime - API level Performance Profiler for Node.js comments

0.959 Customer Service Lessons I Learned from AngelList Co-founder Naval Ravikant comments

0.955 Social Data and The Future of Publishing comments

0.951 Getting Touchy About Patents - jQuery Blog comments

0.901 The Dangers of the Minimal Viable Product comments

0.879 Asynchronous & Non-Blocking Scala: A look at Netty and NIO comments

0.877 On permanent copyright; a solution. comments

0.858 Building a Mobile Intelligent Journal in Python comments

0.839 Pattern matching, principles, and knee-jerk reactions comments

0.809 CISPA Internet Protest In The Making comments

0.803 Obama to Make Case for ‘Buffett Rule’ comments

0.795 Caine’s Arcade - 9 year old boy builds arcade out of cardboard, runs a business comments

0.786 Big Startups vs Little Startups comments

0.779 CljDCPU - Clojure implementation of the DCPU comments

0.764 Clojure-py 0.2 released comments

0.696 A Drug That Wakes the Near Dead comments

0.672 CoffeeScript 1.3.0 is out comments

0.669 AndesBeat as the Sports Illustrated for Latin American startups comments

0.667 It’s all about Maria comments

0.656 On Communication comments

0.635 Simple jQuery template plugin comments

0.607 Facebook as an invisible elephant, and particularly horrible programming comments

0.593 National Database Planned to Combat Cellphone Theft comments

0.557 Ruby Off Rails, Part 1: your first Ruby web app using Sinatra and Heroku comments

0.556 My car ships with crapware comments

0.545 Science Fiction comments

0.544 College newspaper completes a fully responsive website redesign comments

0.535 Study of the techniques for emulation programming comments

0.532 Google (as a company) is more popular than Facebook, Twitter, and even Apple comments

0.495 Robert Scoble Weighs in on Instagram Acquisition comments

0.488 Do Not Track comments

0.487 Mapping Data Intelligence from Brain Injuries comments

0.477 Facebook and photo-sharing: Instariches comments

0.476 Social status ‘linked to immunity’ comments

0.467 OpenCL for FPGAs comments

0.467 Japan’s “Suicide Forest” comments

0.455 Lakes and Oceans to Scale comments

0.453 7 Rules for Recording Police comments

0.449 Show HN: Forget about Pusher. Run your own Push/Pull service for free using node comments

0.449 The standard QWERTY finger placement is uncomfortable and terribly designed. comments

0.449 DARPA’s Humanoid Robot Challenge comments

0.448 One Burbn, One Scotch, One Beer comments

0.433 Ziptastic: Isn’t a zipcode enough? comments

0.430 Why Forth? comments

0.429 Responsive Prototyping with Foundation comments

0.422 Display Top Commenters On Wordpress Blog comments

0.406 Awesome Metro Website Template comments

0.403 Forget about Instagram, take a look at the Social Enterprise infographic comments

0.394 StarCraft II and the Rise of American Pro Gaming comments

0.375 Security risks associated with Unicode comments

0.375 Thou shalt not report odds ratios comments

0.372 Zip Files All The Way Down comments

0.354 The Real Leadership Lessons of Steve Jobs comments

0.335 Best Buy CEO Brian Dunn Resigns comments

0.328 PairMixer Lets You Thumbkiss a Stranger comments

0.309 PHP Sucks But I Like It comments

0.308 Kubuntu to be Sponsored by Blue Systems comments

0.300 Deep Space Atomic Clock comments

0.290 Economist and Physicist talk about growth. comments

0.286 WebGL Lathe Workshop comments

0.271 U.S. military offers $2 million for first humanoid robot comments

0.263 Announcing The Second RubyWeekend comments

0.256 Why Facebook Needs Women on its Board comments

0.246 Remote root hole in Samba comments

0.242 Instagram’s Buyout: No Bubble to See Here comments

0.236 Open Source by the Numbers comments

0.222 A realtime animation in 64kb: F - Felix’s Workshop comments

0.219 Should IE7 Mobile be supported? comments

0.210 How Apple can size up the iPhone screen gracefully comments

0.199 A Cardboard Arcade made by a 9-year old boy comments

0.176 What Now: Freemium or Paid? comments

0.165 Google beats Apple, Facebook, and Twitter in consumer favorability poll comments

0.164 Interview Street Helps Sequoia Startups Recruit With Its Latest CodeSprint comments

0.160 New View of Depression: An Ailment of the Entire Body comments

0.160 Instagram vs. Picplz – The Tale of Two Photo Apps comments

0.151 Instagram: The Billion Dollar UX comments

0.140 Interview with Ben Parr – on the keys to Mashable’s success comments

0.137 Declared vs. duck-ish typing in Rust comments

0.130 Cable Rates Continue Rise: Not Sustainable For Mainstream Viewers comments

0.129 Anyone from Calgary? comments

0.113 Refit QuickBooks with Levion: Web Access to Desktop QuickBooks Anywhere comments

0.111 Ars Technica flagged by Chrome for Malware comments

0.108 Ruby’s Mail Gem extension to ‘deliver’ emails as DRAFT comments

0.100 10 companies Facebook could have bought instead of Instagram comments

0.097 Gmail cannot filter email addresses starting with exclamation mark comments

0.092 R source code on GitHub comments

0.086 True dating video for a silicon beach startup seeking a tech co-founder comments

0.060 FBI: Child porn “computer expert” added to Top Ten Fugitive list comments

0.060 HP Cloud offer’s decent pricing… comments

0.054 Frogatto - Bret Victor inspired game editor comments

0.052 Chrome’s WebRTC roadmap comments

0.041 In-App Purchasing API for Kindle Fire and Other Android Devices comments

0.034 Urbanairship now lets you track where a user has been over time comments

0.019 Why I can’t Recommend any other Phone but an iPhone comments

0.018 Facebook now has a mobile strategy: buy all the things comments

0.010 Explore the Sky with the Best: SkySafari for iPad | In-Depth Review comments

0.009 Interview with Inglorious Apps, a webOS to iOS developer switcher comments

0.008 Please give me feedback on my upcoming iOS game (not a DropZap sequel). comments

0.004 Launch HN - Overnight Buses Travel Magazine for the iPad comments

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