Monday, April 16, 2012

Hacker News stories for 12 PM on Monday Apr 16, 2012

0.975 How to educate (and win) customers with product details comments

0.894 Can you build a startup on .Net? comments

0.858 A Lisp based programming language I’m creating comments

0.832 Compare JS MVC frameworks implementing the same site: TodoMVC comments

0.823 Sheryl Sandberg Leaves Work at 5:30 Every Day — And You Should Too comments

0.785 The Paradox of Public Education comments

0.773 Where is All Your Data Going? – GoAnywhereMFT blog comments

0.710 Qatrix, a high performance client-side framework comments

0.703 Guide to mobile viewport settings comments

0.670 New St. Louis VC Fund Looking For Deals comments

0.662 How to write a simple interpreter in JavaScript comments

0.661 OASIS to Develop Open Standard for Web Experience Management Interop comments

0.654 Nervous Kremlin seeks to purge Russia’s Internet of ‘western’ influences comments

0.637 Code Challenge - Try something new comments

0.583 Valve teases “wearable computing” research with augmented reality overlay comments

0.578 Netflix Reed Hastings Chastises Comcast comments

0.573 Path Finder 6 released. comments

0.568 User interface designers invade Silicon Valley after success of Instagram comments

0.566 Physicist uses maths to avoid traffic penalty comments

0.526 Novel chemical reaction has set the chemistry world abuzz comments

0.520 Jenkins Build and Deploy Script per Branch comments

0.515 How We Bootstrapped a Startup Idea to MVP in 100 Days comments

0.505 Nanoparticles home in on brain tumors, boost accuracy of surgical removal comments

0.494 Finding Your Inner Evildoer (3/4): A Good Imagination%3a+A+Good+Imagination) comments

0.490 CryENGINE 3 gives us a glimpse at the future of gaming video comments

0.467 The yayQuery Soundtrack comments

0.467 ANN: Exhibitor for ZooKeeper comments

0.467 Augmented Reality Shooter comments

0.467 Bash Brace Expansion comments

0.463 Iota and Jot: the simplest languages? comments

0.462 Social network website homepage design analysis comments

0.439 I Have Sex With My Co-Founder. And I Like It. comments

0.417 Baby Unicorns and Rockstar Designers comments

0.349 Zoomooz goes 1.0: declarative syntax, page scrolling comments

0.341 How to ask for an Investor Introduction comments

0.334 Code samples from the Google+ Platform Hangout Office Hours comments

0.329 Hello World comments

0.322 Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer comments

0.320 YC Facelift: Pebble comments

0.300 Space Shuttle Discovery flies into Dulles tomorrow comments

0.287 The best job boards for hiring web developers comments

0.207 My Father Doesn’t Send Me Emails Anymore comments

0.206 Intel Win8 10” tablet specs thinner than iPad, 11” version with keyboard comments

0.193 Chartbeat Raises $9.5M, Launches Engagement-Focused Redesign comments

0.188 Wikimedia Brings The Wikipedia Approach To How It Runs Its Servers comments

0.183 Star Command dev shares realities of costs after Kickstarter funding comments

0.148 How our addiction to computers is helping keep the world quiet & peaceful comments

0.125 My beta design - comments

0.111 Show HN: RSH, a shell written in Ruby comments

0.074 Microsoft job post hints at Web-based Skype comments

0.066 Microsoft announces new media services offering via Azure comments

0.044 New Play Store Mod Removes Country Based Restrictions comments

0.041 Show HN: LibraryMixer - File-Sharing Without The Files (Only The Information) comments

0.031 Good resources for outlining site/app construction? comments

0.027 Ask HN: Advice on creating a LLC before a kickstarter project? comments

0.026 Snapstagram, like PicPlum (YC S11) but just for Instagram comments

0.025 Instagram Architecture Update: What’s New With Instagram? comments

0.011 Ask HN: How Do You Keep Advisors (Both Formal and Informal) Informed/Engaged? comments

0.001 Ask HN: HTML5 Web App Frameworks / Resources comments

0.000 Show HN: building an iOS app with my friend comments

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