Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hacker News stories for 12 AM on Tuesday Apr 17, 2012

0.924 Some lessons from MySQL Conference 2012 comments

0.852 Stock Split for Google That Cements Control at the Top comments

0.781 Hulu - An Online TV Site Grows Up comments

0.762 PhoneGap vs. Native: Some Thoughts on Going Native comments

0.727 Scala 2.9.2 final comments

0.641 Why you suck at estimating – a lesson in psychology comments

0.635 Sugar warning for ‘healthy’ soft drinks comments

0.622 A hidden limitation on AWS micro instances? comments

0.592 Samsung Galaxy S III with quad-core processor will be released on May 3 comments

0.588 A Megaquake becomes a Megapuzzle comments

0.526 Status Code 308 (Permanent Redirect) comments

0.522 Expedia REFUSES to stop selling rooms after being told to stop selling. comments

0.522 iWatch comments

0.514 HTTP attacks are real and dangerous comments

0.504 Bridging the Culture Gap Between Content and Coding comments

0.492 What the Failed $1M Netflix Prize Says About Business Advice comments

0.453 Pebble becomes most funded kickstarter project ever comments

0.435 How to use Instagram effects on your photos with Photoshop comments

0.286 Hp Toner Cartridges, MICR Toner comments

0.259 99Lime HTML KickStart / CSS Framework comments

0.250 Chronic Buckyball Administration Doubles Rat Lifespan comments

0.250 Ultrasurf: the definitive review comments

0.210 db8 JSON database has been open sourced comments

0.195 Ask HN: Are there videos online of Peter Thiel’s stanford startup class? comments

0.193 Awesome Web Business: justanswer.com comments

0.180 Indie movie disruption 2.5k 12 bit raw video for only $3k comments

0.142 Oracle says Google’s own emails show its guilt comments

0.112 YC Rejection, Next Step, Double Down, build out our Startup comments

0.085 Imported hackers protect NSW’s critical infrastructure comments

0.084 HN Meetup Munich: April 2012 (Reminder) comments

0.013 HTML5 Fluid Simulator comments

0.005 Ask HN: Advice on mentoring a new employee/intern? comments

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