Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hacker News stories for 11 AM on Sunday Apr 08, 2012

0.938 Pervasive Parallelism in Scala comments

0.929 Dropping Some Science: Scientists, Ditch The Academy And Become Entrepreneurs comments

0.910 MPAA / RIAA might Boost Cyberlocker and VPN Revenues comments

0.830 Higher learning comments

0.811 What are you not going to do? comments

0.779 While Apple Is Criticized for Foxconn, Other Companies Are Silent comments

0.770 Eight C++ programming mistakes the compiler won’t catch comments

0.765 The proper way to eat Easter eggs comments

0.735 Mistakes made starting a web hosting company comments

0.694 Did everybody see what just happened? The pendulum has swung. comments

0.684 Do Not Use Go for 32bit Development comments

0.682 The Internet Experiment Has Failed comments

0.675 Mod_redis comments

0.654 Living With a Computer 1982 comments

0.631 Exploit Linux Machines Through Fun Challenges comments

0.607 Unlimited Vacation Doesn’t Create Slackers–It Ensures Productivity comments

0.564 Best countries to do business in 2012 – info graphic comments

0.557 How to Become a Star Grad Student: James McLurkin and the Power of Stretch Churn comments

0.556 Apple patent could lead to face-based user switching in iOS and beyond comments

0.536 Pinterest’s Unlikely Journey To Top Of The Startup Mountain comments

0.528 Boycotting for the masses: a web project to coordinate boycotts comments

0.516 Mobile Glove Allows The Deaf-Blind To Communicate comments

0.512 Django-gearman-commands 0.1 comments

0.502 Meet Ed Zabitsky, the man betting against Apple comments

0.501 What the seven wonders of programming? comments

0.493 ASTRON and IBM Collaborate to Explore Origins of the Universe comments

0.489 Blogging Platform with awesome UI comments

0.482 Where I set up my git & hg aliases like a boss comments

0.467 X-Frame-Options comments

0.467 Why I purchased RubyMine comments

0.432 Vaccinate Yourself Against Crappy Customer Feedback comments

0.410 VisiCalc, 32 years later comments

0.379 DRM means missed opportunities for e-books comments

0.365 An already launched Dropbox competitor (powered by Google Docs) comments

0.363 Screenshot of 1st FTP transfer from Amundsen-Scott research base south pole comments

0.361 Migrating Classic ASP to ASP.NET MVC. Should I? comments

0.349 Startup CEO Cyclist kills pedestrian, posts eulogy for helmet comments

0.349 If you’ve ever used a textarea/contenteditable, read this. comments

0.337 Why Baseball Players Are Actually Underpaid comments

0.333 Slideshow: Imagine Your Life… In Seconds comments

0.322 Nokia X2-05 Phone Specification comments

0.321 How to improve your code reviews comments

0.319 A Forth Story… comments

0.315 Make Social Networks Work for Your Start-Up comments

0.228 April 2012 Quicklisp dist update comments

0.224 Windows XP support ends two years from now comments

0.211 The effect of Groupon promotions on Yelp ratings comments

0.210 As IPO looms, Facebook also wants to be a mobile leader comments

0.198 IOS Automated Tests with UIAutomation comments

0.167 Foreign business warn India that retroactive tax plan will hurt investment comments

0.167 Internet activists take aim at a new House cybersecurity bill comments

0.160 How the IPO Ruined Google comments

0.151 UK government website disrupted by hacker attack comments

0.151 UK government website disrupted by hacker attack comments

0.123 ‘Apple to become world’s first $1 trillion company’ comments

0.119 Single bed in a lively hacker house comments

0.117 “”

]( img src= /a) comments

0.113 It’s Business Time - introduction to DCI (video with Jim Gay) comments

0.105 This is ridiculous. comments

0.101 Miss Representation Extended Trailer comments

0.086 The price elasticity of labor-saving devices comments

0.083 Letter of support for CISPA from Facebook pdf comments

0.063 Show HN Superpipes, a Y Pipes equivalent on Heroku, using Superfeedr comments

0.045 Steve Jobs attacks Android just for show? comments

0.042 Show HN Compress web files to improve your performance comments

0.020 Mac anti virus provider website hacker comments

0.016 Ask HN: Why there is still no Python-based blog engine alternative to WordPress? comments

0.016 Ask yourself: Would Steve Jobs work on this? comments

0.010 Show HN: Tired of entering map directions on Android? I’ve streamlined it comments

0.003 IPhone users think having Instagram available for Android is gross comments

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