Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hacker News stories for 10 PM on Wednesday Apr 18, 2012

0.969 It’s Harder Than Ever To Learn To Program comments

0.911 Peter Norvig’s class on designing programs has begun comments

0.813 Mysterious lack of dark matter in Sun’s neighborhood comments

0.748 Most Cybercrime ‘Losses’ Are Massively Exaggerated comments

0.736 Error handling and Go comments

0.631 Idiots Think That If They Use Social Media They Can Counteract Public Concerns comments

0.630 Getting management feedback from your kids comments

0.500 Dialoggs comments

0.492 Tokyo mega-quake ‘would kill over 9,000’ comments

0.473 The Vatican’s Mob Murder Mystery comments

0.460 Equity in a start-up and rewarding early employees comments

0.445 Man Builds 737 Simulator In a Garage comments

0.428 Complying with PCI DSS–Part 1: Build and Maintain a Secure Network comments

0.395 Research team appears to solve the Pioneer anomaly comments

0.347 Counterfeit Open Source Hardware — Knockoffs 101 comments

0.343 Citigroup shareholders reject the executives’ compensation packages comments

0.339 We Don’t Know Deployment: A 4-Step Remedy comments

0.301 KDE or GNOME? Which to choose? comments

0.300 The Core Launcher comments

0.297 Long predicted but never observed: A new kind of quantum junction comments

0.277 The Power of Using WordPress as a CMS comments

0.263 Kixeye Is The Lucrative Dark Horse of Facebook Gaming comments

0.256 Where Do the Highest-Energy Cosmic Rays Come From? comments

0.246 German startup develops tinted windows that generate electricity comments

0.245 Brain Implants Help Paralyzed Monkeys Get a Grip comments

0.186 Agni-V, India’s first ICBM test-fired successfully comments

0.154 Facebook down in US? comments

0.081 Storage.js, Simple HTML5 Page Edits. comments

0.048 Gladius 0.1: a 3D game engine for the open web comments

0.028 Thinking of ditching an iPhone for an Android? Do it comments

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