Friday, April 6, 2012

Hacker News stories for 10 PM on Friday Apr 06, 2012

0.909 Hollywood Economics (infographic) comments

0.900 Cloud Hosting Private Building? Things to Consider —RightScale Architect comments

0.732 A Software Design Manifesto. comments

0.720 Understanding TPP, ACTA’s nastier, more secret little brother comments

0.646 Don’t just look busy, cover ground comments

0.542 How to Create Freezing Cold Portrait comments

0.528 Richard Stallman: How I do my Computing comments

0.467 Overlapping dense subgrpahs comments

0.449 The minimalist design of ‘This is My Jam’ comments

0.420 Multi Blog Site with Jekyll comments

0.417 Wheeler: Insecure open source software libraries? comments

0.417 Top Things We’ll Miss About AIM comments

0.393 Zmqc: netcat for ØMQ comments

0.390 Randi Zuckerberg Defends Silicon Valley Show on Bravo comments

0.390 Alan Turing, Father of the Modern Computer comments

0.337 Happiness comments

0.317 Stallman’s Facebook list comments

0.305 Hacker Hopeful Asks Y Combinator to Marry Him comments

0.227 KidsCan’s, Children Living in Poverty in New Zealand comments

0.198 Heroku for news apps comments

0.197 Photo check deposits comments

0.188 Meet Ubuntu 12.10: Queer Quagga comments

0.026 Ask HN: If Amazon Prime’s video service grew large, would AWS kick Netflix off? comments

0.020 James Pearce: If Facebook Were Built Today, It Would Be a Mobile App comments

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