Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hacker News stories for 1 AM on Tuesday Apr 10, 2012

0.994 Torch - Machine Learning Library for Lua comments

0.819 Why Obama should run against the supreme court comments

0.787 Just because you’re on TechCrunch doesn’t mean you’ve won comments

0.723 Being alone together comments

0.692 Easy to use versus hard to misuse comments

0.588 The quietest place on earth comments

0.500 Beats By Dre comments

0.493 Computer science confirms: Super Mario Brothers is NP-Hard comments

0.477 Windows-on-iPad service goes legit as Microsoft licensing demands are met comments

0.476 A Matlab Programmer’s Take On Julia comments

0.471 Invent Your Own Computer Games with Python, 2nd Ed comments

0.467 The Chopped Physician comments

0.406 Navy’s Robot Helicopters Will Automatically Spot Pirates comments

0.351 Why I started Alumn.us comments

0.350 How to create a good screencast comments

0.254 An analysis of Facebook Instagram Acquisition comments

0.218 Making the HTTP Archive Faster comments

0.212 Virtual World Framework (aka Croquet 2) goes live comments

0.171 Who misses for IndexTank free plan, check out IndexDen comments

0.111 Very stunning picture & text sharing design comments

0.011 HTML5 / CSS3 / Javascript Adobe Photoshop clone comments

0.002 Google’s Chrome OS Will Soon Look More Like Windows Than A Browser comments

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