Sunday, January 12, 2014

Hacker News stories for 6 PM on Sunday Jan 12, 2014

0.955 Python code to solve xkcd 1313 (Peter Norvig) comments

0.940 At last, a law to stop almost anyone from doing almost anything comments

0.894 Execs Who Can’t Attract Former Coworkers Are Red Flags comments

0.821 New algorithm can dramatically streamline solutions to the ‘max flow’ problem comments

0.818 Why Women Aren’t Welcome on the Internet comments

0.811 High-end CNC machines can’t be moved without manufacturers’ permission comments

0.797 Never Mind the Résumé. How Hot Is the C.E.O.? comments

0.792 Demons: A short film about depression and suicide comments

0.750 Hartmann Pipeline comments

0.728 Scaling HipChat Using ElasticSearch And Redis comments

0.680 CountUp.js comments

0.680 TeXLive.js comments

0.677 Programming game CodeCombat open-sources everything comments

0.667 Burglars Who Took on F.B.I. Abandon Shadows comments

0.662 - a search engine with taste comments

0.646 Valve Reveals First Gen Steam Machines comments

0.638 Will Work for Food and Lodging comments

0.637 Applying to an accelerator? We predicted 2014 deadlines YC, AngelPad, etc. comments

0.631 The Silent Majority of Experts comments

0.605 Cards for Humanity - Thought Experiment on Brainstorming Big Ideas comments

0.604 Clang 3.4 Release Notes comments

0.600 Pastafarian Sworn Into Office Wearing A Colander comments

0.598 I do not have a lot of strong opinions comments

0.579 Digital Ocean said it would shut down my blog if I didn’t edit a blog post. comments

0.578 Why We Don’t Write Tests comments

0.552 Intel announces Edison, a computer the size of an SD card. comments

0.551 New York Times Redesign comments

0.549 Why Some Civil War Soldiers Glowed in the Dark comments

0.545 Links 2013 comments

0.525 HackerNews down, unwisely returning http 200 for outage message comments

0.493 Prim Laundry Startup Throws In The Towel comments

0.487 The rise and rise of television torture: X-Files vs Fringe comments

0.476 Ori: A Secure Distributed File System comments

0.474 F12 Driven Development comments

0.467 Silent Technical Privilege comments

0.467 Pebble Steel comments

0.460 Zappos gets rid of all managers comments

0.453 160 year-old Documents Intentionally Destroyed in Franklin County, N.C. comments

0.437 Why we should give free money to everyone comments

0.432 Introducing DNSCrypt (Preview Release) comments

0.414 10 Most (and Least) Stressful Jobs for 2014 comments

0.400 CoffeeScript’s Time is Waning For Me comments

0.381 Bruce Schneier Joins Startup CO3 Systems as CTO. comments

0.378 1000x Faster Spelling Correction: Source Code released comments

0.363 SpaceX successfully launches Thaicom6 satellite to geostationary transfer orbit comments

0.348 Bought and Unread Books comments

0.324 Smartphones versus DSLRs versus film: A look at how far we’ve come comments

0.314 Read More Papers comments

0.304 Kalzumeus Software Year In Review 2013 comments

0.303 Bitcoin Tops $1,000 Again as Zynga Accepts Virtual Money comments

0.286 Debugging “the 12th oldest remaining glitch in Dolphin” comments

0.273 Soccer Balls that Generate Electricity comments

0.266 Introducing the Open Automotive Alliance comments

0.250 How Not to Speculate on Bitcoin comments

0.247 3 questions to ask about a candidate comments

0.246 Starting Now, All Intel Microprocessors Are Conflict-Free comments

0.243 TLS This working group has failed comments

0.230 Bitcoin will fail without decentralized mining comments

0.218 Go’s Type System Is An Embarrassment comments

0.218 Go’s Type System Is An Embarrassment comments

0.211 Cfrg Response to the request to remove CFRG co-chair comments

0.202 RAF jets fly with 3D printed parts comments

0.179 Google Analytics for GitHub comments

0.145 Why the World Needs OpenStreetMap comments

0.138 Show HN: Sneakers - fast background processing for Ruby comments

0.132 Linksys resurrects classic blue router, with open source and $300 price comments

0.108 Shown HN A real-time crowdsourcing game that improves what you’re writing comments

0.094 Tor website needs your help comments

0.087 Perspective Mockups using CSS3 3D Transforms comments

0.081 Evernote CEO responds to “bug-ridden elephant” blog post comments

0.079 JavaScript for hackers comments

0.076 Review my sci-fi novel about p vs np? comments

0.064 How Google Cracked House Number Identification in Street View comments

0.061 Ask PG: Postmortem of the outage? comments

0.046 Linux Laptop Review - Dell XPS13 Developer Edition comments

0.029 Ask HN: How would you teach web development to college students? comments

0.024 Apple: $10B In App Store Sales In 2013, $15B Paid Out To Developers To Date comments

0.017 Show HN: JVine - Vine downloader and converter in MP4 and GIF comments

0.016 Ask HN: Where did you hang out while HN was down? comments

0.014 Ask HN: How Did the Outage Affect You Personally? comments

0.002 The “Window Resizer” extension for Chrome now contains malware (2013) comments

0.000 Show HN: Visualizing the iOS App Store via D3.js comments

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