Sunday, January 12, 2014

Hacker News stories for 5 PM on Sunday Jan 12, 2014

0.978 Schema 0.2.0: back with Clojure(Script) data coercion comments

0.977 OOP in Python (live streaming class for beginners) comments

0.936 Udacity’s Sebastian Thrun, Godfather Of Free Online Education, Changes Course comments

0.893 Why CCP is still using Python 2 comments

0.891 Why Python is steadily eating other languages lunch comments

0.868 Mock file system in Node.js comments

0.861 What You Can Learn About PR from Dave McClure comments

0.853 Top 5 MongoDB gotchas comments

0.828 How Silicon Valley became “The Man” comments

0.818 Bill Watterson: Some thoughts on the real world by one who glimpsed it and fled comments

0.814 Pecan a lean Python web framework comments

0.814 Why are there so many science PhDs? comments

0.800 A Postmortem of Failed Products comments

0.800 New release of Self programming language comments

0.783 Hey Developer, Are You Focusing On the Right Thing? comments

0.764 Netflix loses its cloud guru to VC firm comments

0.764 To Stop Procrastinating, Look to Science of Mood Repair comments

0.763 Universe measured to 1% accuracy comments

0.763 How a Fake Beard Can Get You Hired on the Internet comments

0.755 Happy Guys Finish Last: The Impact of Emotion Expressions on Sexual Attraction comments

0.752 Lessons from working 6 months on a math problem (and failing) comments

0.750 France-UAE satellite deal shaky after US spy tech discovered onboard comments

0.747 In memory of Aaron, bulk XML of every federal and state law and court ruling comments

0.741 Eat, Shit, Fuck, Die: A Safer-For-Work “MVP” comments

0.727 Seven Habits Study Guide comments

0.723 Hire by Auditions, Not Resumes comments

0.723 On finding a technical co-founder in college comments

0.715 Kanye West’s lawyer orders “Coinye” to cease-and-desist just before launch comments

0.711 Atlassian Seeks Domicile Move to Pave Way for U.S. Initial Offer comments

0.700 Google Data Chief Says ‘Flawed’ EU Privacy Law Is Dead comments

0.698 Mesosphere · Learn how to use Apache Mesos comments

0.696 Dijkstra on Haskell and Java comments

0.693 What happened to US life expectancy? comments

0.690 Words are Hard comments

0.685 All Norwegians become crown millionaires, in oil saving landmark comments

0.682 How We Got Our First 2,000 Users Doing Things That Don’t Scale comments

0.680 Live streaming Haskell class with Bob Ippolito (3:30pm PST) comments

0.667 Optimising Haskell for a tight inner loop comments

0.667 Why I am switching to promises comments

0.663 Why did the AK-47 become so popular? comments

0.655 Building a Toy Compiler with Haskell and LLVM comments

0.645 What I Learned In My First Year Of Running An iOS Consultancy comments

0.639 Report: 47% of U.S. Jobs At Risk of Being Automated Out of Existence comments

0.634 Screw Android, here are two big companies betting on Firefox OS comments

0.631 RESTful Realtime comments

0.626 Greatest: C unit testing library in one file comments

0.625 Must-have Django packages. comments

0.618 Georgia Tech: Startup Semester comments

0.613 How I improved Twitter Handles Search’s ranking comments

0.610 How I Launched an Email Course to 500+ People comments

0.604 DoS attacks that took down big game sites abused Web’s time-synch protocol comments

0.601 Another go at Go … failed comments

0.600 The best Postgres feature you’re not using – CTEs aka WITH clauses comments

0.598 Cambridge, MA City Council adopts resolution to commemorate thirty years of GNU comments

0.597 Is Valve’s SteamBox a contender for the next developer workstation? comments

0.592 KDE Frameworks 5 Tech Preview comments

0.586 The Seven Deadly Sins of Startup Storytelling comments

0.584 Why Charles Stross Doesn’t Know a Thing about Bitcoin comments

0.581 When Doctors ‘Google’ Their Patients comments

0.578 Hipster Idealists Lose Faith in the Valley comments

0.578 Licensed to Bill comments

0.575 Dell Wasn’t Joking About That 28-Inch Sub-$1000 4K Monitor; It’s Only $699 comments

0.563 Why ALIAS-type DNS Records Break The Internet comments

0.561 Luck: The Secret Sauce of Successful Startups comments

0.538 Clash between employees and guards in Samsung’s biggest plant, 8 dead. comments

0.518 Introducing R to a non-programmer in one hour comments

0.516 Ben Horowitz Explained comments

0.504 11 Most Influential Microprocessors of All Time comments

0.500 Engineer-to-Engineer Recruiting (or: Why we ignore recruiters) comments

0.498 We switched from an icon font to SVG comments

0.498 Consciousness as a State of Matter comments

0.495 A better hash table comments

0.490 One New York LLC law is hurting small businesses comments

0.480 Rust 0.9 released comments

0.477 China blocks The Guardian. comments

0.474 Quadcopter Project comments

0.471 The New York Times Redesign is Live comments

0.467 How’s my SSL? comments

0.467 Bitcoin’s Intentions comments

0.467 Datomic 2013 Recap comments

0.467 PirateBrowser - No more censorship comments

0.467 Docker at Spotify comments

0.465 When to propose a relationship to your Anonymous Visitor comments

0.461 Teen Reported to Police After Finding Security Hole in Website comments

0.460 Zappos gets rid of all managers comments

0.455 Childhood amnesia kicks in around age 7 comments

0.454 A Dolphin’s Tale: The Story of GameCube comments

0.453 Bizarre Star Could Host a Neutron Star in Its Core comments

0.435 Software in 2014 comments

0.432 The Mutual Company comments

0.432 Tell Your Customers What To Do. comments

0.430 Theirself or Themself? comments

0.429 The Open-Office Trap comments

0.429 Amusing ourselves to death comments

0.417 Lost city in Darfur comments

0.414 $16,920.12 earned: Lessons learned from a year as a self-published author comments

0.414 Frameworkless JavaScript comments

0.411 Why top startups are getting radically personal comments

0.410 A Short Talk about Richard Feynman (2005) comments

0.408 The new Photosynth comments

0.407 SaaS Pricing Strategy: The 10x Rule comments

0.406 Quietnet: chat client that works over near ultrasonic sound comments

0.393 How We Estimated Our AWS Costs Before Shipping Any Code comments

0.391 Aviate joins yahoo comments

0.373 Security experts boycott prominent security conference over NSA ties comments

0.363 DEFCONBOTS - An Autonomous Robotics Competition at DEFCON comments

0.358 Y Combinator’s SAFE notes spread — L.A. accelerator is now issuing them, too comments

0.339 So someone “stole” your idea… comments

0.337 Show HN: Sense - A New Cloud Platform for Data Science and Big Data Analytics comments

0.333 To aspiring indie devs comments

0.333 The Limits of Neuroplasticity comments

0.330 With great computing power comes great surveillance comments

0.322 BMW shows off ‘drifting’ self-drive cars comments

0.318 London’s first pay-per-minute cafe comments

0.311 Senses prevail: India’s Voter Database will not be gifted to Google comments

0.310 Why content goes Viral? comments

0.308 Introducing Jelly comments

0.304 Airlock – Facebook’s mobile A/B testing framework comments

0.303 Scaling Mercurial at Facebook comments

0.303 FBI Drops Law Enforcement as ‘Primary’ Mission comments

0.299 Get Facebook WiFi for your business comments

0.281 The 7 Habits of Highly Dysfunctional Developers (1998) comments

0.280 How Airbnb Improved Response Time by 17% By Moving Objects From Memory To Disk comments

0.278 How to maximize the number of email responses you get comments

0.277 Face Tracker in JavaScript comments

0.276 Better Reality 3D Scan (Thorskan) comments

0.269 Red Hat and CentOS Join Forces comments

0.267 10 Open Source Hardware projects born in 2013 comments

0.267 Fascinating Graphs Show How Reddit Got Huge by Going Mainstream comments

0.266 The Tuesday boy problem, in under 300 words comments

0.264 Why Tough Teachers Get Good Results comments

0.260 Yahoo Acquires Aviate comments

0.254 The ‘booth babes’ of CES and what they really think about attendees comments

0.254 JPMorgan Pays for Shorting Madoff Without Telling Anyone comments

0.248 What You Get When 30 People Draw a World Map From Memory comments

0.246 Mining Bitcoins on a college campus comments

0.241 Indian Startup Little Eye Labs Confirms Acquisition By Facebook, Deal $10-$15M comments

0.237 Everything you need to know about Yahoo’s security breach comments

0.234 Red Hat and the CentOS Project Join Forces to Speed Open Source Innovation comments

0.220 Stop Writing JavaScript Compilers, Make Macros Instead comments

0.213 Digital Ocean vs. Linode comments

0.213 The $200 Billion Rip-Off: Our broadband future was stolen (2007) comments

0.207 The year in Kickstarter 2013 comments

0.207 Poll: What level of math is programming roughly analogous to comments

0.207 Amazon’s Current Employees Raise the Bar for New Hires comments

0.206 More Google sleaze comments

0.195 IBM’S WATSON for business: The $1 billion SIRI slayer comments

0.194 I make shitty software with bugs … we all do comments

0.189 CentOS has joined forces with RedHat comments

0.187 Introducing FastRender for Meteor: Something like Server Side Rendering comments

0.181 Reference - HTML 5 Elements list comments

0.180 Google’s New Private Ferry Won’t Defuse Tension Over Buses comments

0.176 HEVC image in a 140 character tweet comments

0.163 Stop sending emails for real time requests comments

0.156 Turn your iPhone 5 into a FLIR camera comments

0.153 France’s Data Protection agency issues their maximum monetary penalty to Google comments

0.152 Fixing Windows 8 comments

0.148 How We Write Github Issues comments

0.147 Google+ invite lands man in jail comments

0.141 Github is down comments

0.141 Sources: We were pressured to weaken the mobile security in the 80’s comments

0.132 Easel acquired by github comments

0.131 Balanced Makes Volume Pricing Public comments

0.128 Preview the New Deployments API comments

0.120 Bitcoin: How to explore the block chain like a pro comments

0.118 Tesla Model X Spotted on Public Road in Culver City, California comments

0.116 Ask HN: What’s the best way to get 5% on a million dollars? comments

0.112 The First Look at the New Oculus VR Prototype comments

0.108 SPDY does not clearly outperform HTTP over cellular networks comments

0.103 Want to quit your job by text? This app can help comments

0.103 Snapchat Says Sorry for Data Breach, Updates Apps With Find Friends Opt-Out comments

0.102 Stripe adds multiple account support comments

0.095 The science behind how fonts make you feel when you read comments

0.085 Oculus VR’s New “Crystal Cove” Prototype Is Kind Of Amazing comments

0.076 very close to 51% of bitcoin pool comments

0.069 Faster, More Awesome GitHub Pages comments

0.065 Ask HN: What is the must have feature of your IDE comments

0.059 Light Table is now open source comments

0.047 Convert Mobile App Installs Into Customers comments

0.047 Facebook Buys Bangalore Based App Monitoring Co Little Eye Labs comments

0.039 Introducing GitHub Traffic Analytics comments

0.032 10 of the Best HTML5 Games from 2013 comments

0.030 Out of this world first light images emerge from Gemini Planet Imager comments

0.030 Hover.css - A collection of CSS3 powered hover effects comments

0.026 Gmail Now Lets You Email Your Google+ Connections comments

0.025 Show HN: Django SQL Explorer comments

0.022 Ask HN: Where are the interesting jobs? (January 2014 Edition) comments

0.018 Show HN: email - Send emails easily in Go comments

0.018 Show HN: Fast English Editing - Editing for Non-native Speakers comments

0.017 Is Now Accepting Bitcoins comments

0.016 T-Mobile CEO: “This industry blows,” biggest carriers offer “horsesh”]( comments

0.010 Show HN: Pinegrow Web Designer, multipage editor with Bootstrap & Less comments

0.008 Humble Indie Bundle X (pay what you want and help charity) comments

0.006 Show HN: Codebox - Open source cloud & desktop IDE comments

0.005 Review Cryptocat Mobile’s source code, 3 months before it hits app stores comments

0.005 Show HN: HIPAA compliant file storage comments

0.004 Poll HN: What is your personality type? comments

0.003 Show HN: Our startup is selling our iPhone video chat tech on eBay comments

0.002 Show HN: My acquired Bitcoin startup Bridgewalker is now open source comments

0.000 Inject JavaScript to explore native apps on Windows, Mac, Linux and iOS comments

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