Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hacker News stories for 11 PM on Wednesday Feb 29, 2012

0.994 Startup lessons from Jeremy Lin comments

0.715 How to connect PHP with MySQL comments

0.705 Team Science comments

0.695 Welcome to Windows 8 – The Consumer Preview comments

0.666 The Empire Built on Values comments

0.625 Django as a micro-framework comments

0.619 The ebook evolution comments

0.494 Free your technical aesthetic from the 2010s comments

0.357 So you want to be a game developer? comments

0.222 CSS3 interactive bird poster (HD) comments

0.211 Best Practices for Speeding Up Your Web Site comments

0.176 Aggregate, Curate, Publish To Create Local Media (2009) comments

0.171 Google’s new Privacy Policy comments

0.165 Eric Schmidt Keynote at Mobile World Congress 2012 comments

0.142 Facebook Marketing Boom Drives Demand for Social-Media Advertising Tools comments

0.000 Ask HN: Any free/open source tools to create animated videos? comments

Hacker News stories for 10 PM on Wednesday Feb 29, 2012

0.820 Science of Forgetting. how to dislodge incorrect info comments

0.697 5 Startup Founder Rules To Live By comments

0.585 Handbrake 0.9.6 Released, More Features Lost comments

0.554 shutting down comments

0.503 Edging toward the fully licensed world comments

0.500 When larry met sergey comments

0.360 Google And Privacy: Time To Give Up? comments

0.346 HTTPS Everywhere 2, and the Decentralized SSL Observatory comments

0.333 Ayatollah or Santorum - the game. comments

0.087 All You Need To Know About Facebook Page Timeline + Premium Ads comments

0.075 Ask HN: What feature do you want to see in online education? comments

0.031 My First App for SmartTests comments

0.023 Show HN: HitchJS - Extend the browser’s native abilities. comments

0.014 Readability for iOS is now available comments

Hacker News stories for 9 PM on Wednesday Feb 29, 2012

0.722 Radical theory places Stone Age Europeans in Delmarva 20,000 years ago comments

0.667 Basics of jQuery comments

0.639 Stackato 1.0 released - CloudFoundry-based PaaS comments

0.517 Apple Now Rejecting eBooks Because of Links to Amazon comments

0.504 Benchmark of Python Web Servers comments

0.500 A positive spin comments

0.459 Understanding-Driven Development comments

0.435 Apple Customer Support Doesn’t Know When To Stop comments

0.416 SmugMug releases Camera Awesome comments

0.405 AngelList Takes A Shot At Standardizing The Startup Pitch Deck comments

0.328 Source: AOL Planning to Layoff Hundreds Next Week comments

0.271 Paypal Is In The Censorship Business Again comments

0.252 Hands on with Windows Server “8” beta comments

0.091 Apple Reaches $500 Billion Market Value comments

0.083 GSMA Announces Winners of the 17th Annual Global Mobile Awards comments

0.080 Why upgrading your Linux Kernel will make your customers much happier comments

0.001 Apple’s Mac Store deletes developer’s account, apps and main source of income comments

Hacker News stories for 8 PM on Wednesday Feb 29, 2012

0.991 Peak age for entrepreneurship? As an entrepreneur, I don’t care comments

0.980 Adding Real-Time to Rails With Socket.IO, Node.js and Backbone.js (With Demo) comments

0.877 The Future of Software Development Will Be Online comments

0.804 Debugging in Python comments

0.667 McDonalds joke comments

0.634 Let’s Keep Dying comments

0.634 Pitching: The first 8 words comments

0.621 Near-Fatal Mistakes We Made In Year One, And How We Built A Company Anyway comments

0.579 TSA: Fail, Notes from a FBI Special Agent comments

0.567 How Does YC Rank as a Business School comments

0.516 Visualizing SSH Attacks in Video (Python and Matplotlib) comments

0.500 How Bazaarvoice Connects Consumers and Brands | Bazaarvoice comments

0.449 Great Product Leaders Win Games comments

0.439 Confirmed: Windows Azure downtime caused by leap-day bug comments

0.406 ‘Kill yourself now’ - Torvalds throws openSUSE security tantrum comments

0.377 US shuts down Canadian gambling site with Verisign’s help comments

0.358 Workflowy Pro released comments

0.330 Reddit switching to Transifex for agile localization comments

0.275 Lytro review comments

0.270 Neil deGrasse Tyson Doing an IAmA on Reddit comments

0.257 Lytro Camera Lets You Pick What’s Blurry And What’s Not comments

0.141 Show HN: Get Daily Lessons on Programming With Java comments

0.047 Magazinul web Chrome - news comments

0.041 Various Optimization Topics for Linux Users comments

0.027 Pull this up in your Android or iOS browser: Defense comments

Hacker News stories for 7 PM on Wednesday Feb 29, 2012

0.970 Building data structures that are smaller than an Array AND faster (in C) comments

0.762 Tech worship can ruin the world comments

0.701 How Valuable Is Revenue For Startups? comments

0.495 No place for passionate students? comments

0.465 How SodaStream Gives You the Perfect Space Mission Finale comments

0.446 Galaxy II Beats iPhone 4S for Smartphone of the Year at MWC 2012 comments

0.405 Architecting a Start-Up: Then vs. Now comments

0.371 Microsoft Windows 8 and its dilemma comments

0.363 Free to Enter Photo Contest with Cash Prizes comments

0.299 100%de Los Mejores Fans De Selena Gomez comments

0.275 ‘Guitar Zero’ - Music at Middle Age (podcast) comments

0.107 The price of independence: What it really costs to be an indie developer comments

0.073 So you’d like to personalize the web… comments

0.039 Show HN: Pulsefeed builds a stream from your RSS feeds comments

Hacker News stories for 6 PM on Wednesday Feb 29, 2012

0.842 Why managing databases is hell comments

0.804 Python Application Package: a format for distributing Python webapps comments

0.784 Pwn2Own 2012 and Google Pwnium: Why Google may set AppSec back a few years comments

0.670 Hello Heroku World - Autobenching Heroku comments

0.657 Eventbrite teams with ReferralCandy to offer referral program for events comments

0.500 Good-Hearted Terms and Conditions comments

0.284 Touring the Futuristic R&D Lab Behind Apple’s Siri comments

0.225 What comes after Post-PC? comments

0.201 See the dots connect looking backwards? What about focus? comments

0.199 Reef project takes Google Street View underwater comments

0.145 New Google Analytics is using SVG instead of Flash comments

0.130 Recursive Game of Life comments

0.066 Smithsonian turns to 3D to bring collection to the world comments

0.048 Readability is out for iOS comments

0.041 Rapidly evolving low-cost mobile technology keeps the military up at night comments

0.037 How To: Setting up an SQLite Database for your Android app comments

0.005 Skim Knockoff(s) on the Mac App Store comments

Hacker News stories for 5 PM on Wednesday Feb 29, 2012

0.939 Ireland Signs Controversial ‘Irish SOPA’ Into Law comments

0.807 A Nation Divided: Can We Agree On Anything? comments

0.755 This Guy Wants To Make Startup Investing More Like Moneyball comments

0.706 Is “performant” a valid word? What’s the alternative? comments

0.625 Why I do Unsmart Things comments

0.593 Stop Disabling SELinux! comments

0.583 North Korea Agrees to Curb Nuclear Work; U.S. Offers Aid comments

0.581 How RestaurantRep used Factual to Build a Restaurant Reputation App in 48 Hours comments

0.544 How Raven, the Open-Source Surgical Robot, Could Change Medicine comments

0.467 Obsession: Geek Friday comments

0.439 Execution in the Kingdom of Nouns comments

0.422 Travel Startups: Why the Obsession with Flights? comments

0.410 What is Software Defined Networking and Why Should We Care? comments

0.377 Why you should move that button 3px to the left comments

0.370 DHS Is Searching Your Facebook and Twitter for These Words comments

0.354 OK we’re all nerds here, so really, how on earth should I use a Japanese toilet? comments

0.342 KeyStrokes: Switch Tabs in Safari comments

0.286 Rummage - Pinterest for eBay lovers. comments

0.240 Five top TEDx entrepreneurship talks - video comments

0.220 Commodore 64 game “Survivor” remade with HTML5/CSS/JS comments

0.191 Analytics Startup Mixpanel Is Tracking 4 Billion Actions Each Month comments

0.169 Facebook announces real-time Page Insights comments

0.152 Impact of fugue icons on open source comments

0.101 Paper Airplane Geeks Rejoice - New Distance World Record comments

0.057 Ask HN: Is there online software to search for flights with stopovers? comments

0.045 The Rackspace UK cloud would be twice more expensive than AWS EU for our web app comments

0.028 Ask HN: Co-founding startup - Profit Share or equity? comments

0.012 Ask HN: How much traction do you need to get going? comments

0.002 Ask HN: How would you force scarcity on a distributed DNS alternative? comments

Hacker News stories for 4 PM on Wednesday Feb 29, 2012

0.975 The Only Productivity Tip You Need to Know to Get Things Done comments

0.974 If it doesn’t feel natural, it will be replaced. Sorry node.js comments

0.974 If it doesn’t feel natural, it will be replaced. Sorry node.js comments

0.956 Productivity Tip: Your Hosts file is Just Barely Annoying Enough comments

0.906 Tips for Organizing Your Desk and Desktop for Better Efficiency comments

0.892 America doesn’t want your High Tech jobs comments

0.878 Do spam and piracy problems have a common solution comments

0.867 Free Daily Java Programming Lessons comments

0.847 Simple (and fast) jQuery object cache. comments

0.837 Gears (Sam Stephenson’s Sprockets port for Python with Django and Flask support) comments

0.823 Ruby Patterns from GitHub’s Codebase comments

0.813 System performance analysis - the USE method comments

0.800 Demoscene / Fractals / Rendering Tutorials comments

0.794 Windows 8 won’t kill the desktop, but don’t worry — we’re still screwed comments

0.749 Clojure Implemented in Pure Python comments

0.744 Rack::SpellCheck - Any Rubyist want to build it into a Gem with me? comments

0.743 The Inscrutable Lines of Cause and Effect comments

0.727 Building a culture that counts comments

0.722 24 Most Popular jQuery Plugins of February 2012 comments

0.703 Candid Insight into a Venture Capitalist’s Mind comments

0.703 Crowdfunding Set to Explode with Passage of Entrepreneur Access to Capital Act comments

0.690 Silicon Valley Workers In Non-Tech Sectors Bypassed By Recovery comments

0.664 Should We Build a Trustworthiness Tester for Fun? comments

0.661 The Morality of The Rational, and How We Shape Meaning from The Void comments

0.630 Are doctors incentivized to keep patients sick? comments

0.627 Who killed the Chat Bot? comments

0.624 Schmidt: UN treaty a ‘disaster’ for the internet comments

0.619 Agile – Dealing with complexity by avoiding chimeras comments

0.616 Its me Dennis. Just having brand conversations. comments

0.603 Projector calibration on uneven surfaces made easy comments

0.596 Kitabu: A Simple and Free EPUB Reader comments

0.581 Everything is incredibly hard comments

0.571 Autocorrect fail comments

0.565 Kyle Logs comments

0.562 Codiqa releases web tool to build jQuery Mobile pages comments

0.533 Portrait of Artist as Businessman (2000) comments

0.533 The network takeover comments

0.533 Seriously, no more debugging with console.log() comments

0.533 Devising a Training Budget for Employees comments

0.524 A Photoshop engineer vs the exploitation of kids comments

0.517 Fault Tolerance in a High Volume, Distributed System comments

0.515 Google’s Schmidt warns regulators against killing innovation comments

0.501 Real-time chat without client-side code: No.JS comments

0.500 The SunFlower Home Heliostat comments

0.494 Constitutional Showdown Voided as Feds Decrypt Laptop comments

0.486 Foundation Medicine: Personalizing Cancer Drugs comments

0.472 You can’t apply startup methods blindly comments

0.470 Too Much Theory, Part 2 by Dr. Cliff Click | Azul Systems: Blogs comments

0.461 Foursquare is joining the OpenStreetMap movement comments

0.445 A Million-user Comet Application with Mochiweb, Part 1 comments

0.429 Radio FIXED comments

0.429 SXSW: 3-click rsvp to 50+ events comments

0.424 GDB tracepoint in a live running kernel comments

0.423 Hacking RFID with NodeJS comments

0.406 If PHP Were British comments

0.394 Cool Twitter app made by 12 year old kid comments

0.383 Making Google Analytics even speedier (bye bye Flash, welcome SVG) comments

0.369 The next revolution? analogue computers comments

0.335 Hackers comments

0.334 IndexTank users - Searchify releases IndexTank migration tool comments

0.333 Logical Fallacies comments

0.333 In which we coin a term which is the opposite of deprecate comments

0.329 Tax rate on the rich used to be 94% comments

0.314 How Not To Sell Software in 2012 comments

0.313 How to win a cloud race… comments

0.313 Custom UUID as primary key comments

0.310 Visual Studio 11 beta in ASP.NET context comments

0.285 Linus Should Use Windows 7 comments

0.284 Where do airplanes dump their waste? comments

0.260 Annual IBM layoffs hit US comments

0.250 Everyone dials in comments

0.246 Selectable Elements Are Driving Me Crazy; Here’s how to Fix It comments

0.246 Your Average Facebook Post Only Reaches 16% Of Your Friends comments

0.243 NSA builds Android phone for top secret calls comments

0.242 Free-to-play Microsoft Flight released comments

0.226 Hands on with Firefox’s Developer Tools comments

0.210 Getting ready for the end of growth on Earth comments

0.200 Yammer Raises $85 Million In New Funding comments

0.193 How to use multiple domains on a single Google Apps account comments

0.190 How Carrots Became The New Junk Food comments

0.185 A library designed to make it easy to use Google App Engine from Clojure comments

0.184 Make Sure Your Applications Crash comments

0.160 How a $350K/year income is “not enough”? comments

0.149 How to disable Metro UI in Windows 8 preview comments

0.141 Show HN: Get Daily Lessons on Java Programming comments

0.135 LegalZoom close to filing for IPO comments

0.120 Digital Marketer/Pixel Ninja Looking for Tech Startup Opp comments

0.119 Why zooming on mobile is broken (and how to fix it) comments

0.110 Article about the enthusiasm surrounding the San Diego Tech Scene. comments

0.099 Sign in with Twitter for iOS and Android Using Parse comments

0.098 Using Capabilities for access control with and other cap-based systems comments

0.098 Spark Capital buys $50M of Foursquare employee stock comments

0.098 Princess Leia-Like Hologram Coming Soon comments

0.090 Chicago CodeAcademy reviews? comments

0.087 RTP based iContact acquired for $169 million. comments

0.079 AMD to Acquire SeaMicro: Accelerates Disruptive Server Strategy comments

0.068 Infographic - Are Android or iOS users more likely to convert to sales? comments

0.062 ditches Google Maps for MapBox and OpenStreetMaps comments

0.061 Android Design Stencils comments

0.060 Raspberry Pi Now Has Distributors comments

0.054 Rethinking SSL for Mobile Apps comments

0.049 Robot Quadrotors Perform James Bond Theme (video) comments

0.049 A new way to take and experience pictures comments

0.047 For $100 I Explain Why I Do Open Source (RailsApps Project) comments

0.046 Atari antes up $100,000 in Pong developer challenge comments

0.042 AMD Buys SeaMicro to Target Cloud Server Market comments

0.040 Android Design V2: Now with stencils comments

0.034 Star Trek Meets Android And Explodes Into Space comments

0.034 Exec is hiring in SF (Justin Kan / YC W12) comments

0.024 Windows 8 Consumer Preview: Multi-monitor desktop video review comments

0.016 Ask HN: Do you set aside time just for “thinking?” comments

0.013 Do Popular Social Apps For Twitter/Facebook Use Encryption comments

0.009 Ask HN: Site internationalization resources? comments

0.004 Show HN: an unofficial API for Google Music comments

0.003 LookTel releases recognition iPhone app that helps the blind to see comments

0.003 What’s the best app for Hacker News on an iOS device? comments

0.002 Ask HN: Please review my Rails API for Hackful Europe comments

0.001 Mobile Second Cup - the top MWC apps + devs have access to iOS photo data comments

0.001 Kicksend (YC S11) iPhone app - send up to 30 full-quality images at once over 3G comments

0.000 Ask HN: Will Ubuntu for Android also run undoked? comments

Hacker News stories for 1 PM on Wednesday Feb 29, 2012

0.987 Brain mimicking machine learning comments

0.964 14 Incredible Women to Watch in Silicon Valley comments

0.946 Startup Scene in Singapore Not Quite Silicon Valley comments

0.900 In the future, even coffee shops will be online comments

0.875 The House Y Combinator Should Have Built comments

0.750 DMV: Node.js powered, WebRTC Delivered video chat comments

0.668 Microsoft Azure outage leaves customers in the dark for more than 12 hours comments

0.667 Pretty Lisp comments

0.667 ARC Gotcha – Unexpectedly Short Lifetimes comments

0.644 Giant insect rediscovered on rock spindle after 80 years comments

0.587 Why is there a leap year? - Wired comments

0.568 Inside Visual Studio 11 Beta: A Guided Tour comments

0.565 Default Arguments in C comments

0.544 Fearing Change comments

0.543 Could fixing healthcare be as simple as a checklist? comments

0.539 New Documentary Shows How DIY Hack-Tech is Changing the Discourse of Protest comments

0.533 For Wanted comments

0.518 Digging into Engine Yard Logs comments

0.516 Back To School comments

0.513 Using our own API to get the attention of Fred Wilson and other VCs comments

0.493 How to Make Terms and Conditions Useful comments

0.467 Beeb30: An anniversary celebration comments

0.467 Milawa on Jitawa: a Verified Theorem Prover comments

0.461 Design before computers ruled the universe comments

0.432 Ringmark: A web-based test suite measuring mobile browsers capabilities. comments

0.425 Restricted Boot Webcomic Contest comments

0.413 Cary Sherman: How Should Democratic Process Function In Digital Age? TCTV comments

0.413 Is Windows Azure Down? (Tumblr) comments

0.405 Vipassana changes the spirit of business comments

0.360 Another federal bureau to abandon BlackBerry comments

0.313 Banksy on Advertising comments

0.299 Intel to sell two Flash memory factories to Micron for $600 million comments

0.276 We Were Promised Mobile Payments comments

0.275 End of the e-Family comments

0.274 Is it just me or do others completely balk at signing into sites with Facebook? comments

0.247 SICP - “What is Computer Science?” comments

0.242 Breach of China’s Firewall on Google Plus - Obama’s Page Flooded with Comments comments

0.233 Caffeinated Mind is joining Facebook comments

0.221 After Five Years, Draw Something Is an Overnight Hit for OMGPOP. Now What? comments

0.186 Obama Hammers the GOP’s Energy Plan comments

0.178 Interpol Site Taken Down After Anonymous Suspects Arrested comments

0.175 Sharing session data between and Express comments

0.154 US have confiscated 20,000$ from a Danish purchasing Cuban cigars from Germany comments

0.154 How Google —and 104 Other Companies— Are Tracking Me on the Web comments

0.148 Eric Schmidt at Mobile World Congress in Spain comments

0.131 How I found out how that 105 companies were tracking me on the web. comments

0.121 Impress.js + Jekyll + Github pages = Hekyll: presentation nirvana comments

0.118 Let’s Play The Guessing Game comments

0.113 Come hack TV on a boat - in Cannes MIPCUBE comments

0.112 Yammer Enterprise Social Networking Platform Raises $85M comments

0.111 Facebook acquires team behind YC alum Caffeinated Mind comments

0.106 More secure extensions, by default comments

0.104 IOS game company (Insurgent Games) FOSS’s all games. comments

0.086 Node-typedjs: Add haskell-like type signatures to your JavaScript comments

0.066 The new SEO process (Quit being a Jack) comments

0.055 Show HN: a Newsletter to help You learn WordPress, one function at a time comments

0.047 Show HN:, a friend’s startup comments

0.015 CoderDojo Partners with GitHub to Create a New Generation of Hackers comments

0.008 Ask HN: Anyone wants to start a CoderDojo in NYC? comments

0.008 Announcing ESPNALPS, Open API to submit live sports information comments

0.004 Ask HN: Reasonable cost attorney to review Consulting Agreement? comments

0.003 Ask HN: Tool for Reducing Eye Strain? comments

0.001 Show HN: HubStar, the missing “star” feature for GitHub repositories comments

Hacker News stories for 12 PM on Wednesday Feb 29, 2012

0.971 Test stubbing as an anti-pattern comments

0.875 The Case for Letting Iran (Almost) Build a Bomb comments

0.785 Georges Méliès’s 1902 Classic, ‘A Trip to the Moon’ comments

0.762 Top 3 Things You Should Learn In SQL 2012 comments

0.740 Suggest your Idea comments

0.695 Your Mistaken Belief in Financial Willpower comments

0.695 Dealing With Dementia Among Aging Criminals comments

0.695 Evidence for Antimatter Anomaly Mounts comments

0.659 JavaScript object creation: Learning to live without “new” comments

0.658 Idea, to MVP, to PandoDaily in 10 Days: How We Did It comments

0.639 Stackato 1.0 released - CloudFoundry-based PaaS comments

0.625 CoffeeScript Style Guide comments

0.562 Interview with creator of CoffeePhysics comments

0.545 TED Talk from 2023 comments

0.537 Code poetry comments

0.533 Tips for improving performance of your iOS application comments

0.533 Movie recommendations and more via MapReduce and Scalding comments

0.524 Texting as Evidence of Criminal Conduct? comments

0.475 How Gramfeed went from a 2 hour project to a beast visited by 2 million people comments

0.467 The Armed Geek comments

0.444 Tomb of Jesus found under Condo in Jerusalem comments

0.418 How to Disrupt IBM, Oracle, and VMware: The CloudBees Story comments

0.401 How to use Java from Qt/C++ in Necessitas comments

0.394 An event for women devs at SXSW comments

0.373 Ikeameter, a smart Ikea products search tool comments

0.339 DNA, security and privacy comments

0.326 Blizzard Lays Off 600, Including About 60 Developers comments

0.303 Where is Premium Email? comments

0.291 Google Bugs out on February 29 comments

0.279 Speaking with the Devil – Malware Adds Live Chat to Commit Fraud comments

0.273 Subtleties in API design - member placement comments

0.220 Conversation Escalation: Make Small Talk Sexy Review comments

0.187 No more $4 coffee shop work permits – remember libraries? comments

0.151 How to Download and Install Windows 8 Consumer Preview comments

0.133 Show HN: SimpleGeo Replacement (SimpleGeo will shut down March 31) comments

0.116 Chargify to Increase Prices In May, Asking For Merchant Feedback comments

0.086 Fighting sex trafficking, one hotel room photo at a time comments

0.071 The Mogul: The Ultimate iPad Register comments

0.059 IOS loophole gives developers access to photos comments

0.048 From 2010: “First, they came for the file-sharing websites…” comments

0.042 Nokia CEO Takes Aim at Android comments

0.041 Ask HN: Can you debunk this? Possible evidence of voter fraud. comments

0.038 Announcing ESPNALPS, an Open API to submit sports data comments

0.026 Free trial, freemium and pricing for cloud apps benchmarks comments

0.017 Show HN: okhired - a marketplace for small jobs comments

0.014 Capturing Audio and Video in HTML5 comments

0.012 Apple is working on a games console and only Microsoft has a chance to compete comments

0.011 Ask HN: Is there a marketplace like Exec/Zaarly for quick programming tasks? comments

Hacker News stories for 11 AM on Wednesday Feb 29, 2012

0.946 Function Piping in Python comments

0.911 To Learn To Code or Not, That Is the Question comments

0.882 Flipboard designer craigmod on the future of publishing: Hover cars? comments

0.861 Cray’s Graph Machine comments

0.824 Choosing a name for your startup comments

0.806 New law of physics (Constructal Law) comments

0.758 How to balance work and life as a freelancer comments

0.749 Pinterest’s copyright situation comments

0.738 Minix 3.2 released comments

0.707 The Case For Eliminating Forced Office Hours comments

0.674 Wealth Makes People Unethical comments

0.634 Adding a Comma, Expanding a Place comments

0.571 Backbone Inheritance comments

0.563 Why Having a Technical Startup CEO Matters comments

0.558 The Worst Time to Raise Money in your Startup Life comments

0.521 Nook Touch Macintosh Achieved? comments

0.488 Seed Accelerators Knowledge Base - info on YC & other accelerators comments

0.468 Make your website fast. (And why you should). comments

0.467 Accumulo, Nutch, and Gora comments

0.405 Apple Refuses To Sell Book That Links To Amazon Store comments

0.394 Experiment: Cold emailing businesses comments

0.394 Deconstructing “K&R C” comments

0.373 Blob contributions box comments

0.367 Foursquare has 2 people born on February 29. What’re the odds? comments

0.363 Work-Stealing & Recursive Partitioning with Fork/Join comments

0.351 Anonymous Leaves Clues In Failed Vatican Attack comments

0.344 IPL 5: Kolkata Knight Riders IPL Team 2012, KKR IPL 5 Team Players List comments

0.344 IPL 5: Kings XI Punjab IPL Team 2012, KXIP IPL 5 Team Players List comments

0.336 Facebook’s Timeline For Pages Is Here, With Pinning comments

0.333 My argument against ColdFusion sucks and other related putdowns comments

0.322 HP cuts 275 jobs as webOS transitions to open-source comments

0.304 Patience and piracy: Why helping yourself hurts good TV comments

0.302 Portland Oregon man associated with Anonymous after prank call. comments

0.299 Android fragmentation gets measured; 2012 is the year of Gingerbread comments

0.280 Google Grows in New York City comments

0.260 Why I Moved My Blog To Github Pages comments

0.260 Real-time web PubSub using Juggernaut (in Windows) comments

0.258 Yahoo Mojito Client/Server Javascript Framework Preview comments

0.245 New twist in antimatter mystery comments

0.219 Cupcake App Wars comments

0.216 Sequoia Capital hits Latin America with Scanntech US$10M investment comments

0.184 No Bullshit: Sell your iPad like a boss on eBay comments

0.159 Hyundai Azera gets the price of navigation right: free with the car comments

0.091 Changing Android Boot Animation - Marakana comments

0.062 The Leap-Day Birthday Problem: A Bayesian Twist comments

0.033 Coming Soon: New Facebook Pages comments

0.024 video What is a Leap Year? comments

0.008 Show HN: Add NES & Wii-style control to your Flash game in 15 minutes comments

0.005 Show HN: LiveRover, Visual Event Discovery (Weekend Project) comments

0.003 IPad 3 concept video: How Apple could really blow us away comments

0.003 Ask HN: 423,430 views in 1 day on YouTube, any ideas how he does it? comments

Hacker News stories for 10 AM on Wednesday Feb 29, 2012

0.976 Teacher - Spell checking for Node.js comments

0.969 Meeting Smart Grid’s Big Data Demands with JPA comments

0.963 Creating a Domain Name Company Entrepreneurs Won’t Despise comments

0.955 No Joke: These Guys Created A Machine For Printing Houses On The Moon comments

0.902 Windows 8: highlighting the stupidity of Hulu and Spotify’s business models comments

0.870 StrataConf Live Stream (Big Data Conference) comments

0.840 Hardware virtualization must be enabled if you run Windows 8 in Virtual Box comments

0.834 Faster, Better, Higher – But How? comments

0.832 FIFA 12 New Skills Tutorial (Xbox 360,PS3,PC) comments

0.801 Nios: Node.js port for iOS comments

0.794 Rails Development on Windows. Seriously. comments

0.778 Movie studios team with Sandisk and Western Digital for anti-piracy initiative comments

0.765 Kepler space telescope finds 1,091 new exoplanet candidates comments

0.760 Python MCU comments

0.752 TSA: Fail comments

0.748 Tests that fail one day every four years comments

0.703 Martin Scorsese’s film school - the 85 films you need to see comments

0.700 Duck Duck Go gets a mention on NPR comments

0.699 Every :60 in Social Media, Millions of People Connect comments

0.688 Do people really need your idea? comments

0.641 Daniel Goldstein: The battle between your present and future self comments

0.634 ActiveState Releases Stackato 1.0 Commercial-ready Enterprise Private PaaS comments

0.616 Who Deserves Credit for Lean Startup? comments

0.606 Isn’t Java a Civilised Language? comments

0.594 Apple blocking books that link to Amazon comments

0.585 New six-year tech high schools in Chicago to offer associate degrees comments

0.582 Dotcom’s high life: Court grants $30k for three weeks comments

0.569 How to get the Windows 8 Consumer Preview comments

0.551 Faster JavaScript Through Category Theory comments

0.547 IBM Quantum Computing Press Release comments

0.507 The secrets of client services and communication comments

0.501 Pictures Are The New Words comments

0.500 Oscillating between Singleness Bliss & Singleness Angst comments

0.475 Facebook to Brands: “Start Acting Like People” comments

0.467 Suspension of disbelief comments

0.464 France’s Book Grab: Worse Than Google Books comments

0.464 Tmux - Productive Mouse Free Development comments

0.462 Whatever Happened to TechCrunch? comments

0.433 Why is “chmod -R 777 /” destructive? comments

0.433 WebAPI or WCF? comments

0.421 Collection of Richard Feynman talks on the scientific method, learning, and CS comments

0.418 9 Things You Might Not Know About DKI comments

0.397 Apple’s market cap just hit half a trillion dollars comments

0.396 Programming Windows 6ᵗʰ Edition from Petzold comments

0.387 Massive Collection of Historical Maps Launches Online, 60K Maps Available Today comments

0.355 Google, Why? comments

0.347 for Windows 8 comments

0.333 How to Grab and Hold Website Visitor’s Attention comments

0.333 The rebirth of the Firefox mascot comments

0.285 Microsoft Flight released today comments

0.280 Reducing The Costs of Business Process Automation comments

0.257 Forbes determines Smaug’s treasure to be worth $8.6 Billion comments

0.248 Understanding Information Architecture by Peter Morville comments

0.233 A model of oil prices comments

0.224 Facebook faces nationwide class action tracking cookie lawsuit comments

0.138 Interpol says suspected Anonymous hackers arrested comments

0.135 Mobile phone OS – A battle worth fighting? comments

0.132 Justin Kan Launches Exec (YC W12) For Real-Time Mobile Jobs comments

0.094 Commercial suborbital balloon flight facility takes shape comments

0.017 Journey, unofficial Path client for Mac (open source) comments

0.015 Experimental HTML5 image editor and photo retoucher comments

0.004 Start Developing iOS Apps Today comments

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