Friday, December 13, 2013

Hacker News stories for 6 PM on Friday Dec 13, 2013

0.932 Silicon Valley 40 under 40: Garry Tan comments

0.923 About PayPal’s Node vs Java “fight” comments

0.898 Django 1.6.1 Released comments

0.886 Google Dart 1.0 is becoming a standardized Ecma programming language comments

0.824 Why Do People Who Chose Not to Study Science and Math Suggest That Others Should comments

0.749 Big Farms Are About to Get Bigger comments

0.731 Ashton Kutcher launches A+, discover the best products through friends comments

0.692 Facebook self-censorship: What happens to the posts you don’t publish? comments

0.667 SteamOS: It’s here comments

0.646 Announcing Support for Impala with Amazon Elastic MapReduce comments

0.645 The American Way of Hiring is Making Long Term Unemployment Worse comments

0.605 Washing Hands in Hot Water Wastes Energy, Study Says comments

0.571 550-Year-Old Gutenberg Bible in Spectacular, High-Res Detail comments

0.555 RPC Promise Pipelining and Dependent Calls: Cap’n Proto vs. Ice comments

0.550 MAINFRAME2: Run any software in a browser comments

0.531 Sprint Preparing a Bid for T-Mobile US comments

0.500 24 Days of Hackage: pandoc comments

0.490 Go on App Engine: tools, tests, and concurrency comments

0.467 Uruguay’s president José Mujica: no palace, no motorcade, no frills comments

0.460 NASA Chooses Musk’s SpaceX to Negotiate Launch Pad Lease comments

0.444 Email Introduction Etiquette comments

0.435 British Library has released over a million images onto Flickr Commons comments

0.427 25 days of Angular - Day 13: Handling the camera with angular comments

0.373 How Much Optimization Is The Right Amount? comments

0.328 DataSTICKIES: USB drives as sticky notes comments

0.284 Call of Duty might be just a game, but its underlying message is troubling comments

0.266 Read Discover Meteor for free today comments

0.264 Bitcoins Fail Currency Test in Scandinavia’s Richest Nation comments

0.250 The Web Setup: StatusPage comments

0.207 13 Best Firefox Add-ons of 2013 comments

0.166 What do YouTube’s “Let’s Play” Takedowns Mean For Machinima? comments

0.148 YC’s safe annotated by lawyers, founders, and investors on Casetext (YC S13) comments

0.140 Strategic Game of Life comments

0.130 Gmail didn’t blow up email marketing (quite the opposite) comments

0.120 Where are Docker images stored? comments

0.104 Is Facebook Planning a Move to ARM Based Servers? comments

0.092 Team changes at comments

0.078 Indie Gaming: Interview with Founder comments

0.054 Selling Bitcoin / Litecoin on eBay, an eBay Live Help Transcript comments

0.053 Mike Rowe on the High Cost of College video comments

0.018 Facebook Video Ad Pitch Deck Reveals Plans To Steal TV And YouTube Dollars comments

0.006 Buy Automatic (YC S11) with Bitcoin comments

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