Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hacker News stories for 5 PM on Sunday May 06, 2012

0.956 Timeline of the far future comments

0.950 Germany: Pirate Party enters the 3rd state parliament (~8.5%) comments

0.947 Be careful when you search domain name through godaddy comments

0.932 Obenauf’s remarkable leather care products comments

0.921 Schools can’t stop wondering what students are up to on Facebook comments

0.905 Patent troll wins award for cookbook comments

0.893 ACTA is Effectively Dead - WSJ comments

0.891 The Future of the Book. comments

0.873 Principles of patient access in (health data) Directed Exchange comments

0.867 Finding a Great co-founder comments

0.841 Mother Nature doesn’t use TDD, and she’s done pretty damn well. « CompPhi comments

0.812 California is by far the leading state in luring venture capital comments

0.811 Patent comments

0.802 The Internet Kill Switch; With Global Wiretapping Capability? comments

0.799 Disruptions: Indiscreet Photos, or Sexts, Glimpsed Then Gone comments

0.798 Everything I Ever Learned about JVM Performance Tuning @Twitter comments

0.792 Original Saturn V booster capped in Alabama drive-by comments

0.760 Hedge Fund Intensifies Attack on Yahoo Amid Storm Over Padded Résumés comments

0.727 The Most Important Decisions are Non-Technical comments

0.724 What Killed the ‘Big Brother’ CIO? comments

0.714 23andMe: predicting weight gain from shoe size comments

0.696 Zynga’s Going Down. comments

0.694 The classic trade in computer science is trading memory for execution speed comments

0.676 Fixing Education: The Solutions comments

0.675 Split Testing May Cause Google to Accidentally Think You’ve Been Compromised comments

0.673 What’s in our strawberries: the chemical perspective comments

0.663 Is the UK becoming a bad place for Internet startups? comments

0.633 Are You Peeing Enough? comments

0.625 A Silicon Valley-Style Incubator For Local Food comments

0.624 How Many Games Can We Handle? comments

0.622 Everything I Didn’t Learn From Taking A Personal Genome Test comments

0.614 Doing It Right, Not First comments

0.600 The Jobless Model comments

0.600 Patent Infringement Suits Force Lawyers Involvement In Design comments

0.574 How to launch my awesome website? comments

0.566 Feedback for Conference Organizers comments

0.557 Why Are We Different? comments

0.552 Common Rails Mistakes comments

0.550 7 New Educational Startups Founded By Minorities in Tech comments

0.547 Hubble to use moon as mirror to see Venus transit comments

0.533 Six Myths About Ray Tracing comments

0.533 Rubymotion completion for Emacs comments

0.533 Cablevision Dogged by Wall Street: Exec Exodus, Lackluster Financials comments

0.518 Light Table nearing funding goal, will support JavaScript and Clojure comments

0.511 Notch offers up a novel way to distribute Minecraft Xbox 360 codes comments

0.507 Minecraft Creator Notch Says EA is Destroying Gaming comments

0.507 Perseverance Be Your Only Friend comments

0.506 Child online safety plans unveiled by Brussels comments

0.500 Taxes of Republic of Latvia comments

0.500 Exposure to blue light emitted by electronics maybe bad for your health comments

0.495 High Tech Art comments

0.485 What is your prime directive? comments

0.482 2007’s pre-M3 version of Android; the Google Sooner comments

0.473 The New York Times Proves that Newspapers Aren’t Dead comments

0.467 Reverse-Engineering an LCD Display comments

0.467 Emre Ilkme comments

0.460 How to help the right co-founder find you comments

0.459 BitTorrent Everything? comments

0.451 West Africa Rising comments

0.438 Online Documents Viewer to supports all File Formats comments

0.434 Mining Twitter for useful information comments

0.431 This is not the 20th Century. Stop thinking it still is comments

0.415 3x faster linux boot with e4rat comments

0.414 Freelancer services co Fiverr raises $15m comments

0.401 Leave only footprints: how Google’s ethical ignorance gets it in trouble comments

0.395 Reaching the Limits of Adobe Stupidity comments

0.393 Cluster2 on nodejs comments

0.384 Touché by Disney Research brings touch control to everyday things comments

0.379 Which Open Source License (flowchart)? comments

0.375 Bigger and brighter ‘supermoon’ graces the night sky comments

0.375 How to properly log an issue comments

0.360 Competition – 2 Dribbble Invites Are Up For Grabs comments

0.358 TechStars Boston Demo Day slideshow comments

0.337 Criteo launches competition to find 100 new software engineers comments

0.329 New website design – take two - A/B testing results comments

0.308 On inspiration and the chain comments

0.306 What’s America’s Most Engaging Social Network? You’ll be Surprised comments

0.301 Git for the lazy ones comments

0.300 Infographic of how the USA gets and uses energy (2010) comments

0.294 How to use Fizz Buzz comments

0.293 The Ph.D. Now Comes With Food Stamps comments

0.291 The LivingSocial Pivots comments

0.284 “The mainstream game industry is a fucked-up den of mediocrity” comments

0.281 Gist to add CoffeeScript friendly argument order to Underscore.js comments

0.276 How Tech is Changing College Life comments

0.276 Spring fashion trends: Crazy for Paisley comments

0.263 Ask PG: What successful startups has Y Combinator passed up on? comments

0.262 The frequent fliers who flew too much comments

0.262 The frequent fliers who flew too much comments

0.260 Moneyless World comments

0.259 Agile UX vs Lean UX – How they’re different and why it matters comments

0.252 Chinese iPhones are often fashion accessories, not phones comments

0.250 iMessage keeps AT&T CEO awake at night comments

0.248 Why Apple Won by Betting Against the Web comments

0.234 Jeff Bezos - Regret Minimization Framework comments

0.233 Fellow student gets hit by bus…so I make a game about it comments

0.230 Facebook Adds A Stalking Feature comments

0.215 Inside Leica’s Washington, DC store, its first in North America (photos) comments

0.212 First version of the Android (pre-iPhone) hands-on comments

0.183 Using Data URI Images to Improve Page Speed comments

0.167 May Patch Tuesday to fix 23 security holes, affects Microsoft Office and Windows comments

0.149 Tool for browser share over time for your website comments

0.137 Interview with COO of Drchrono: iPads + Medicine = The Future comments

0.124 The Ubuntu Android Phone/Computer comments

0.121 US textbooks will be the new digital battlefield comments

0.111 Google’s type-correction contextually understands key placement comments

0.102 Clickpass requires access to Google contacts comments

0.092 Ask HN: How to be an expert in Data Structures? comments

0.071 Ones and O’s: The Advantages of Digital Texts in Wikisource comments

0.062 Real world performance metrics: vs. java.nio comments

0.060 Would you pay for this task management application? comments

0.052 Ability to play DVDs adds $2+ cost for each Windows copy comments

0.051 How I use MindNode to help me write articles comments

0.046 Buffett and Munger won’t buy Facebook stock comments

0.044 Show HN: DaemonNation comments

0.040 Perfecting The Art Of The Ask comments

0.038 Video Stabilization on YouTube comments

0.024 Ask HN: What are your favorite ebooks? Technical or Not comments

0.020 Ask HN: What if you woke up & another company was your doppleganger? comments

0.010 Ask HN: My wife needs something to do from home to make money… comments

0.009 5 Best Websites To Download and Convert Videos From Youtube comments

0.004 Ask HN: Where to buy men’s suits? comments

0.004 Ask HN: Timezone in web apps comments

0.001 Show HN: Weekend Project - SlideWriter for iPad comments

0.001 Ask HN: How much traffic your site has? comments

0.000 Ask HN: How to restore a disabled Facebook App? comments

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