Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hacker News stories for 3 AM on Sunday May 06, 2012

0.997 Machine Learning in Python comments

0.976 Stop another SOPA. Get money out of politics. comments

0.965 Introducing libcld - Language detection in C++/Ruby/Node/Python/Java comments

0.952 Who Killed Men’s Hats? Think Of A Three Letter Word Beginning With ‘I’ comments

0.941 Oracle Seeks to Muzzle Jonathan Schwartz in Patent Phase comments

0.940 8 Cardinal Rules for Enterprising Entrepreneurs comments

0.904 Code Wars: PHP vs Ruby vs Python – Who Reigns Supreme Infographic comments

0.903 How To Build A Startup Ecosystem In A Small City comments

0.901 The Jobless Young Find Their Voice comments

0.866 REST API Best Practices comments

0.866 Monologue: a simple blogging (Rails) engine | Jean-Philippe Boily / jipiboily comments

0.856 How to Make a Complete Map of Every Thought you Think comments

0.846 Startup Skill Set #6: The Startup Manager comments

0.832 What’s the Difference Between the Internet Now and In the 90s? comments

0.824 Guide to indie US software conferences run by devs for devs comments

0.822 The Marketer’s Guide to Twitter comments

0.803 Ask HN: What to consider when deciding whether to go back to school? comments

0.796 The U.N. Threat to Internet Freedom comments

0.774 Efficient Use of PostgreSQL Indexes comments

0.765 Plea for help, I need people to fill out a short survey for school comments

0.764 Hiccupops: A 13-year-old biological hacker’s award-winning startup comments

0.760 For TechStars Startups, Life Beyond the Pitch comments

0.756’s Design Principles comments

0.751 Scala books being published at quite a rate comments

0.739 About Compatibility and Fragmentation of Java (Oracle v. Google) comments

0.735 I only know PHP. How do I write a Web application in Python? comments

0.723 The GPL Does Not Depend on the Copyrightability of APIs comments

0.714 Noam Chomsky on America’s Economic Suicide comments

0.711 Five Common Rails Mistakes comments

0.701 Interviews Can Be a Terrible Way to Identify Good Programmers comments

0.696 The Grok prediction engine from Numenta announced comments

0.696 Embracing Dynamism comments

0.695 Fortune Teller Used Google to Speak to the Dead comments

0.691 Jury retires for weekend in deadlock in Oracle-v-Google verdict comments

0.682 Game to measure doodling skill (different take than Pictionary/DrawSomething) comments

0.671 Brain Scan Reads Your Dog’s Thoughts comments

0.653 School Rankings by College Major comments

0.626 Book Doctor’s Appointment Online in India comments

0.620 Mass Surveillance in Former Soviet Republics comments

0.620 Simple little gem to start/stop Resque workers from Capistrano comments

0.590 Evening MeteorJS project: World Wide Ouija comments

0.590 How to find your passion comments

0.571 Economists pad their resumes too comments

0.571 Observing Resources in CoAP comments

0.571 Bagels, Toasted comments

0.563 An Incomplete and Unreliable Guide to ext3/ext2 File system comments

0.556 The age of pragmatists comments

0.556 American Lifespan By County comments

0.554 6 Real Planets That Put Science Fiction (And Cracked) To Shame comments

0.552 Wow: New Aggregation framework for MongoDB Webinar comments

0.552 Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP) binary ReST IETF draft comments

0.551 Never spend too much on domains My Story comments

0.546 Why was .NET called .NET? comments

0.538 Metagasm: r/dataisbeautiful data stats comments

0.532 Choosing The Right One For The Situation comments

0.532 JQuery API site is down comments

0.528 Anonymous to Launch TYLER, WikiLeaks on Steroids comments

0.506 Child online safety plans unveiled by Brussels comments

0.501 Streamlining U.S. currency comments

0.496 Android Malware Used to Mask Online Fraud, Says Expert comments

0.495 ARM creators Sophie Wilson and Steve Furber - Part Two: the accidental chip comments

0.490 Jobs Few, College Graduates Flock to Unpaid Internships comments

0.489 Pre-launch promotion in numbers, part 1 comments

0.482 2007’s pre-M3 version of Android; the Google Sooner comments

0.480 16 startups to compete in GMIC Beijing on May 10th-11th comments

0.479 Student forgotten in cell for 5 days will sue DEA comments

0.467 Movers Cleveland Ohio comments

0.467 Moment comments

0.467 DIY IKEA Shelf In-Home Aquaponics comments

0.467 A Clunky Cyberstrategy comments

0.461 Elsevier’s recent update to its letter to the mathematical community comments

0.460 Warren Buffett: Zuckerberg Right to Keep Control comments

0.460 Supermoon will shine on West Coast at 8:34 p.m. Saturday comments

0.454 4 Weeks with DuckDuckGo comments

0.453 Django contact form with simple honeypot comments

0.453 Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson lies on resume comments

0.450 Like Hell It’s a Bubble comments

0.449 Design For Failure comments

0.439 Track clicks on links in your tweets comments

0.434 Today: World LOL Day. comments

0.429 Apple’s launchd Is Anti-Unix comments

0.426 Learning to App: My First App comments

0.425 The Seven Most Interesting Tech Startups Around Today comments

0.424 Interesting Odesk Job comments

0.422 U.S. Army Captain Dies During Skype Session comments

0.417 Tools Don’t Matter…It’s The Way You Use Them That Does comments

0.413 Reddit’s TestPAC is campaigning to defeat Lamar Smith, SOPA’s daddy comments

0.399 Startups and advertising comments

0.396 Use IMG tags only for Images comments

0.395 Ok, I Finally Drank the Coffee(Script) comments

0.392 Simple.Data and complex types: one to many comments

0.391 The small details the make you great comments

0.389 Can GLSL macro expansion do this? comments

0.388 How hackers learn to speed read comments

0.382 How Social Media beat Targeted Advertising comments

0.382 Loeb Demands Yahoo Board Fire CEO by Monday Over False Resume comments

0.375 Today just feels magical. comments

0.370 Entrepreneurs’ New Nightmare: The Invasion Of The Startup Snatchers comments

0.363 A robot that transforms into a ball comments

0.363 How I make time to learn Chinese comments

0.358 PHP ‘zero-day’ hole found comments

0.350 Music Visualization Software comments

0.334 Need meaningful gift ideas? comments

0.312 Your musical identity - Sworly comments

0.309 New HTTP status codes comments

0.309 Photo Gallery: East Germany’s Transformation comments

0.303 Bina Technologies is remaking Genomics comments

0.302 Kindle E-Ink sales have dropped 75% since Kindle Fire introduced comments

0.302 Google Code Jam 2012 Round 1B comments

0.291 PCB Assembly in Israel comments

0.290 Miniminecraft implemented in Minecraft comments

0.286 Draw Something Loses 5 Million Users a Month After Zynga Purchase comments

0.281 Advertising in Planned Obsolescence comments


0.275 Malicious QR Codes: A Mobile Security Blind Spot comments

0.268 If Facebook Could Enter China, Here Are Some Of The Hurdles comments

0.263 Traditional C “Hello World” working in NaCl comments

0.261 French-Canadian techno geek news website is closing down (opened in 1996) comments

0.258 The Corporate Battleground for Your Digital Book Business comments

0.258 DRM and the Churches of Universal Access to All Knowledge’s strategic plans comments

0.242 The this keyword in JavaScript comments

0.241 Ultimate question for all startups? comments

0.238 Icon Sets for developers who aren’t good at design comments

0.227 Heroku’s early history: 4 home pages that made $212 million comments

0.215 Commercial vehicle conversion kit makes aftermarket hybrids comments

0.207 Why Solarcity Is Succeeding in a Difficult Solar Industry comments

0.200 Facebook is keeping you from being an asshat in comments comments

0.199 Layouts and Responsive Design with Twitter Bootstrap comments

0.194 Japanese addresses: No street names. Block numbers. comments

0.190 Pandorabots CallMom Mobile Virtual Assistant comments

0.187 How not to ask questions at a conference comments

0.185 Digital archiving: Where source code goes to die comments

0.183 The first time I’ve ever seen open source hit Wall Street hard comments

0.180 TERA hits the #1 spot for Amazon downloads comments

0.166 Google’s Penguin Didn’t Kill SEO comments

0.164 Why Instagram Is Terrible for Photographers, and Why You Should Use It comments

0.159 The MagPi: A Magazine for Raspberry Pi Users, issue 1 comments

0.156 Video - Taking Stock of Complexity Economics: Which Problems Does It Illuminate comments

0.149 Buffett would not buy Google, Apple; prefers IBM comments

0.138 RailsConf 2012 Videos comments

0.138 Facebook Says Today’s Comment Limitations Are Due To Spam Filter, Not Censorship comments

0.131 Pair vs. Pair: Pair The App Is Being Sued By Pair Networks, The Hosting Company comments

0.130 Emscripten - LLVM (bitcode) to JavaScript Compiler comments

0.127 #fbipo Wallop, Friendster, no mention of Facebook since it didnt exist yet comments

0.126 Richard Feynman: The Pleasure Of Finding Things Out (Video) comments

0.123 Facebook Stops You From Posting ‘Irrelevant Or Inappropriate’ Comments comments

0.122 Twitter eyes Tap Tap Tap photo app acquisition comments

0.121 Developers should not believe the HTML5 hype comments

0.117 5 reasons to not “like” Facebook’s IPO comments

0.115 The 13-year-old CEO who invented a cure for hiccups comments

0.110 Richard Garriott: Behind-the-scenes on game development comments

0.104 WebGL 3D Experiments on the Fly comments

0.103 Apple & Samsung make 99% of mobile phone profits combined comments

0.097 I Finished Codecademy…Now What? comments

0.090 Yahoo: Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain comments

0.089 Show HN: World map visualizing energy data. (Coffeescript, Ruby, Raphael.js) comments

0.084 Show HN: UnicornSpotting, built at the Ballmer Peak-a-thon comments

0.084 Does Apple’s Growing Dependence on China Make It Vulnerable? comments

0.082 A new way of storytelling on the web comments

0.077 Two brilliant moves that helped create the Apple iOS powerhouse comments

0.068 Ask HN: Must knows and resources for intermediate DBAs? comments

0.067 Show HN: Dynamo.js, a dead-simple way to add subtle effects to your content comments

0.067 Record Nine-Planet Star System Discovered? comments

0.065 Technology helping legal document review comments

0.064 New tld’s and revenue generated comments

0.062 Microsoft Research New York City, First Days comments

0.047 Textastic - Syntax Highlighting - FTP, SFTP, Dropbox - for iPad comments

0.044 Alternative method to deploy and test your Android app on hardware devices comments

0.044 Show HN: comments

0.044 Show HN: my friday project: MOTP support for busybox login comments

0.042 Ask HN: Working With API’s comments

0.041 Extension to search in a github repo comments

0.031 Ask HN: How does one make a profitable side project with $1k in savings? comments

0.023 Walmart cuts down the prices of iPhone 4 and 4S comments

0.019 Show HN: Server installs simplified (and built from source) comments

0.017 Hacking the iPod: Gizmodo vs. Hacker News comments

0.016 Show HN: LemmeRead - Read Interesting and Popular Tech News comments

0.014 Ask HN: How does Threadless prevent frauds? comments

0.013 Google Could Face $10 Million Fine For Tracking Safari Users comments

0.013 Ask HN: Does your team use an internal wiki? comments

0.013 Ask HN:Do we need another blogging engine? comments

0.009 Ask HN: How do YOU define maintainable CSS? comments

0.008 Show HN: My first web app - Resumonk - A beautifully simple resume builder comments

0.007 Ask HN: Does your company (or the company you work for) send letters? comments

0.007 Ask HN: Best way to keep up to speed on a new language/technology quickly? comments

0.006 The best on-demand and music discovery radio apps for iOS comments

0.004 Mac 1994 Inspriational Sales Video with Steve Jobs as FDR comments

0.003 Show HN: Feedback on my ebook landing page comments

0.003 Ask HN - When should a web app send marketing emails? comments

0.002 Show HN: .gitignore generator base on github templates comments

0.001 How we marketed our iOS app on Facebook to boost downloads comments

0.001 Show HN: FB hackathon HTML5 photo app, demoing in 2 hours comments

0.000 For HN: Hacker News Enhancement Suite (Chrome extension) comments

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