Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hacker News stories for 7 AM on Thursday Mar 15, 2012

0.906 Website you can only browse with the Internet disconnected comments

0.867 Scala gripes comments

0.709 Yes, European start-ups ARE hungry comments

0.694 Live Nation launches LN Labs Fund comments

0.662 Find the jQuery Bug #8: Suspicious Selectors comments

0.651 Failure May Never Be “Accepted” comments

0.625 Newspapers Are America’s Fastest Shrinking Industry comments

0.615 European starlings flocking patterns similar to metals being magnetized comments

0.605 Study: Breastfeeding for 6 Months Is an Unrealistic Goal comments

0.600 Blu-ray Remains Noticeably Better Than 1080p iTunes comments

0.596 STUDY: Social disapproval not health concerns help smokers quit comments

0.595 Experimental Business Ideas comments

0.551 Over half of Internet Traffic Is “Non-Human” comments

0.538 Newsletter – March 15, 2012 comments

0.533 Uber Launches in Toronto to Local Competition comments

0.515 Does YC accept already funded and incorporated startups? comments

0.500 IT Departments Prepare for March Madness Headaches comments

0.400 Shuttleworth highlights server growth as Ubuntu overtakes RHEL on top websites comments

0.386 Open Source port of Readability to Ruby comments

0.372 Twitter API Housekeeping comments

0.363 Diablo III coming May 15 comments

0.351 Judea Pearl, big brain behind AI, wins Turing Award (Nobel Prize in Computing) comments

0.314 Judea Pearl, AI Pioneer, is winner of 2011 ACM Turing Award comments

0.306 ‘Anonymous-OS’ is fake and packed with malware, Anonymous says comments

0.303 The Man Who Broke Atlantic City comments

0.300 Layoffs At AOL Signal Death Of AIM comments

0.290 Technology Bracketology comments

0.286 Judea Pearl wins 2011 Turing Award comments

0.260 U.S. Consumers Likely To Pay For Content On A Tablet Except When It’s News comments

0.240 Breaking down the new Facebook Insights comments

0.237 Turing centenary: The incomputable reality comments

0.224 Sights of the world: wikipedia, panoramio and foursquare merged on Google maps comments

0.179 We’re working on writing the best browser-agnostic documentation on the Open Web comments

0.164 Web Application development and Mobile Application development comments

0.153 Flip To Hand Over Sharing Platform Flipshare To Givit comments

0.153 Leaked DST document reveals secrets of Yuri Milner investment strategy comments

0.130 Europeans Work To Live And Americans Live To Work pdf comments

0.116 Researchers send ‘wireless’ message using neutrinos comments

0.115 Salesforce Tackles Talent Management W/ Rypple Integration, Debuts comments

0.106 Behind the scenes at LulzSec: no laughing matter comments

0.084 Gecko in 2012: Video Capture, streaming WebM, P2P (WebRTC) and more comments

0.081 Anonymous claims that the operating system, ‘Anonymous-OS’ is fake comments

0.038 Walt Mossberg review: the new iPad comments

0.023 Review my app: Social Break (the fun way to check Twitter) comments

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